The World Baseball Classic (WBC) is the highest national competition in baseball. Fighting with the pride of the national team. But that’s not all. Like the Soccer World Cup, a competition that raises the value of individual players, players can emerge through the WBC stage as well.

Opta Analyst, a global sports statistics company, introduced players with something to prove at the WBC on the 2nd. Among them, Yoshinobu Yamamoto (Orix Buffaloes) of the Japanese national team, who is the best pitcher in Japanese professional baseball and is likely to advance to the major leagues soon, and Ha-seong Kim (San Diego Padres) of the Korean national team stand out.

‘Opta’ predicted that Yamamoto would transfer to the major leagues through the posting system (open bidding) after the 2023 season. Also, citing a report from the New York Post, he said that Orix will announce his posting plans within this month. In addition, Yamamoto, who recorded an average ERA of 1.95 and a WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) of 0.95 over the past six seasons, threw 733 innings and struck out 753 while striking out 753 while giving only 178 walks.

Diagnosis that Yamamoto’s performance in the group stage will be limited. However, he said that if Japan rises through the tournament, the world will have a chance to confirm what kind of pitcher Yamamoto is.

Regarding Kim Ha-seong, he was interested in his role in the Korean national team. Kim Ha-seong wrote that he should be the leader of the team’s batting line in the Korean national team, although he scored 99 in ‘RV+ (raw value+)’, a comprehensive evaluation of batters’ responsiveness by pitch. Here, 더블유 토토 with an OPS of only 0.708 in the 2022 season, he introduced his previous career in the KBO League while asking whether he would be able to fulfill his role. It was about Kim Ha-seong recording an OPS of 0.866 for 7 seasons in Korea before wearing a San Diego uniform, and creating a season with 30 home runs and 30 stolen bases.

In fact, Ha-seong Kim paid attention to the need for competitiveness within the team in San Diego after the WBC. San Diego, which even joined big league shortstop Xander Bogarts last winter, is a team that has no gaps in the infield. Kim Ha-seong leaves a strong impression and is positioned as a starting pitcher, but he has to compete endlessly. In response, Opta said, “I know Ha-seong Kim as a second baseman, but I don’t know how the situation will change. Moreover, San Diego is a team that has no fear of change.” Kim Ha-seong is highly likely to be the starting shortstop for the Korean national team.

In addition to these two players, Javier Baez (Detroit), who joined the Puerto Rico national team, and Yoan Moncada (Chicago White Sox), Cuban national team, were pointed out as players who will use this tournament as a time to prove themselves.

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