The toy top says ‘spinning top’ in English. The English word means to spin around an axis above. Korean top is also a word made up of the onomatopoeic/mimic word ‘pin’ and the suffix ‘i’. It means ‘twisting around’. The English word ‘topspin’ has a similar meaning. In simple terms, it can be interpreted as flying while spinning round and round like a top. When used as a sports term in tennis, table tennis, golf, etc., it refers to applying forward rotation to the ball by striking the upper part of the ball strongly as if twisting it. This will make the ball bounce or roll quickly after it bounces.

According to the English glossary, ‘topspin’ is a compound word of ‘top’, which means up, and ‘spin’, which means to turn round and round. As a tennis term, it is estimated that it has been used since the late 1800s.

The opposite of topspin is backspin. Backspin is a combination of the words ‘back’ meaning backward and ‘spin’ meaning rotation. (Refer to this corner, Episode 951, ‘Why is it called ‘backspin’ in tennis?’) I’m curious that you didn’t say ‘forespin’, which is prefixed with ‘fore’ for topspin. It is difficult to confirm because there is no place in the search engine to accurately explain its origin.

To topspin, clockwise, from 6 o’clock to 0 o’clock, lift the racquet up to give the ball some spin. In tennis, since the 1970s, professional players have mainly started to use it. The ball rotates and flies, then falls rapidly near the net and bounces high. It has the advantage of securing safety and angle of attack in ground strokes or passing shots. ‘ Reference) After bouncing, the ball bounces high and far, making it difficult for the opponent to withdraw from the net or increase the RBI, making it difficult to handle. However, if the rotation is excessive, a mistake can come from falling to the front of the court, and it is not easy to arrange physical strength. If the trajectory is low, the baseline will not fly and fall near the service line, allowing the opponent to counterattack.
The forehand is often hit with topspin. (Refer to this corner #947, ‘Why do we say ‘forehand’?) This is because topspin causes the ball to fly in a parabolic arc with a large angle, making it easy to make the ball safely land on the court without getting caught in the net or out. Because. In special situations, such as when hitting an approach shot while advancing to the net, it is often hit with backspin. 먹튀검증

Current World Tennis Men’s Singles Ranking No. 1 Novak Djokovic is famous for his powerful topspin. He pushes his opponent in the match with powerful topspin and pulls them out in an advantageous position. It is thanks to the power of his powerful topspin that he holds the record for the most Grand Slam men’s singles wins, the most Australian Open wins, and the most Masters 1000 men’s singles wins.

Korean media started to use the term topspin in table tennis in the 1970s. The Kyunghyang Shinmun, April 4, 1973, article titled ‘Korean players in Sarajevo ahead of the opening day on the 5th (Sun) are in top condition and morale is high’ While informing about their condition, he said that Korean players are good at topspin and drives.

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