Colleen Bell’s women’s national soccer team had one of the worst performances at the 2023 Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. It was the worst team in more than four years of preparation, with no lessons learned.

I find it ridiculous that Morocco is singing our praises. It’s a laughable travesty that the draw against Germany at the end of the game overshadows everything that went wrong before, and that some goddess of victory is praising the women’s national team.

Let’s put that aside and look back at the game. We lost 0-2 in Colombia, and yes, we conceded on PKs and goalkeeping errors, but if you look at it, we had offensive problems. In defense, we had one attacker and three or four defenders, and all the defenders were behind the attack, so we couldn’t cut off the long balls from the opponent’s defense in front of the attackers.

Also, in the Morocco game, I think we should have won the game by attacking rather than defending, and we didn’t have a clear tactical process for scoring goals, and we should have actively helped our teammates who were in better positions to score goals.

In the final game, against Germany, every player played as if it was their last, and the 1-1 draw saved them from criticism. Only the players themselves know why they showed such a fight at the end when they didn’t in previous games.

Now it’s about the future. 꽁머니지급

It’s not going to be easy to find talent in the future. The declining population is not only a problem for the country, it is also a problem for our soccer. In the past, national players were found all over the country, but nowadays, if you go to the countryside, the number of students in schools is small, and there are only about 10 students per grade. They don’t even dare to think about starting a soccer team. I’m talking about boys, so the answer to the question of girls is obvious.

We have to make a choice and fast. The declining population will have a huge impact on soccer, and if we are smart about it and prepare a plan, we will be able to raise our status as a country. We need to study how countries with 5-10 million inhabitants in Europe perform and are always in the upper mid-table.

If we continue to do this, we could wake up one day and find ourselves behind even Southeast Asian countries.

The KFA should set up a dedicated team to study and implement this program.

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