Kiwoom’s second baseman Kim Hye-seong has been selected for the WBC team to be held in March.

He expressed high expectations ahead of his meeting with Korean major leaguer Tommy Edman, who is also in the same position in the national team.

Reporter Hong Seok-jun came to meet me.


Kim Hye-seong of Kiwoom, who won the Golden Glove right away last year after changing his position to second baseman.

For the first time in KBO League history, he won both the shortstop and second baseman golden gloves, and was given the second Taegeuk mark following the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

For Heroes senior Kim Ha-seong, who has grown into 바카라 a top-notch shortstop in the big leagues, and Kim Hye-seong, who met on the same team again, this WBC national team promotion has a different meaning.

<Kim Hye-seong / WBC national team second baseman> “(Kim) Ha-seong is so happy to be able to play baseball at the baseball field with hyung, and I think it will be an opportunity for me to grow to another level because people who are good at baseball gather together.”

There is one more player Kim Hye-sung wants to see.

It is Tommy Hyeonsu Edmon, a Korean major leaguer from St. Louis.

Kim Hye-sung plans to use Edmund, who won the 2021 Major League Second Baseman Golden Glove, as another mentor rather than a competitor for the position.

<Kim Hye-seong / Second baseman of the WBC national team> “Videos like that are popular. Watching that kind of thing, I want to have a conversation with ‘He’s a really good baseball player.

‘ Kim Hye-seong, who dreams of being on the stage,

was positively stimulated by watching from the side the team seniors such as Park Byung-ho and Kim Ha- seong, and his best friend Lee Jung-hoo, who declared their major league challenge after becoming the MVP of the season, and team seniors such as Park Byeong-ho and Kim Ha-seong.

<Kim Hye-seong / WBC National Team 2nd Baseman> “If I want to challenge the major leagues, I have to stand at the top in the KBO league (feeling)… I thought that it would be good to increase my long hits even if it was for my baseball goal, except for the major leagues. I’m trying to make up for it.”

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