The schedule for the ‘2023 Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout and Draft’ held at Jeju Halla Gymnasium and Sun Hotel for three days from the 25th was completed. Although concerns were high at first, KOVO’s efforts and the support of the clubs made it possible to achieve satisfactory results and take the first step.

The Asian quota, introduced this year, has been consistently raised for smooth supply of players. It is expected that clubs will improve the efficiency of player management and increase interest in the league with players of various nationalities, as well as create new sources of income through the sale of broadcasting rights in the Asian market.

This draft and tryout were conducted non-face-to-face in the case of the women’s division, while the men’s division was held in one place. Initially, 32 people applied, but 24 people participated. It was disappointing that China, which had the greatest expectations, was excluded from the target country, and Indonesia’s national team players were largely absent due to the schedule of the Southeast Asian Games. 온라인카지노

The faces of the V-League coaches who visited the site on the first day of the 25th were not very bright. Perhaps because the body was less relaxed, the performance of the players did not live up to expectations. Only 3 or 4 people were on the list, and the rest were not satisfied. However, from the interview with the players on the 26th, it became lively. Participants met with the directors in person and appealed to their strengths. The coaches even checked details that could not be confirmed on the court, such as attitude, lifestyle, military service status, communication skills, problems with selection for the national team, religion, and food.

The practice game on the second day after getting accurate information about the players was light. The players also ran with all their might thinking that it was their last chance. The perspective of the directors also changed little by little. I made a note of multiple players worth picking up. From this point on, the concern that there might be a team that does not make a nomination has disappeared.

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