“The backup players reciprocated the trust.”

It was the smile of Go Jeong-woon, coach of Gimpo FC. Gimpo’s gusts do not know how to stop. Gimpo won 1-0 with Sohn Seok-yong’s winning goal in the 41st minute of the first half in the 7th round of ‘Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023’ against Busan I’Park held at Gimpo Salter Soccer Field on the 19th. Gimpo continued their undefeated streak of 7 matches (4 wins, 3 draws) after the opening day with the victory. Including the FA Cup, they are undefeated in 9 matches. With 15 points, Gimpo jumped up to second place. It was only two goals behind the leader Gyeongnam FC (15 points, 13 goals). Coach Koh said at a press conference after the game, “I thought the first half of the game against Busan and the next Anyang was a watershed. They showed their fighting spirit in a difficult situation. I want to praise the defenders for playing a scoreless game.”

Gimpo won the victory even after the rotation that day. This was the part that Koh was most satisfied with on the day. Coach Koh said, “For Gimpo to develop further, this squad should have more players than 11 to breathe. The watershed was the FA Cup against Seoul. Jaemin was going to rotate again today, but now he has to rest for two days and play, so it could be another mission. I think he should trust and appoint him. Fighting spirit and activity in the match against Seoul will be an opportunity to gain confidence. same,” he said.

Last season’s ace Son Seok-yong finally scored a goal on this day. Coach Ko said, “Son Seok-yong called me before today’s game and had a personal meeting. He talked strongly. 먹튀사이트 Unfortunately, his movement was good. He said that you shouldn’t try to score goals, whether you’re a striker or an outsider. I thought. He asked me to play a lot. That part also matched well. Out of 7 games, it was my first start, and my performance was the best. Such players shouldn’t be conceited with last year’s form. It is worthwhile and has potential. Take it like a sponge. He said that he needed an attitude that he could take in. He is demanding it, and he is trying to fix it. I think there will be results comparable to last year. Only then will we be able to compete with foreigners.”

Regarding Lewis’ performance, “Lewis is a good player. He is a player that can be solved and is a reliable player that can be owned. I think 8 to 90% of the outsiders have succeeded. His skills are also his skills, but he has a lot of activity. Pablo Do, Luis, and Juninyo. The weight is clearly different from last year. Underneath, the defenders are showing a distinctly different performance. Lee Kang-yeon trusted and appointed him in a week because he was a veteran. If you don’t believe in it, you can’t use it, but you lived up to it. Improvement You may think that other teams go up in two years after leaving, but I have won the championship in the past, but if the winning DNA accumulates, I think it will be a driving force to develop into a prestigious club in a short time.”

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