Wonju DB Acting Coach Kim Joo-seong (44) stood on the court in a clean jacket in Wonju’s 2022-2023 professional basketball game against Changwon LG on the 17th.

I didn’t even wear a shirt and tie, but I wanted to greet the home fans with a more neat and polite appearance, unlike the away game against Hyundai Mobis on the 7th, where I played in comfortable sportswear as it was my first home game after taking over as acting manager.

On the 5th, acting coach Lee Sang-beom resigned during the season, and acting coach Kim Joo-seong, who hastily inherited the baton, said in a phone call with a reporter on the 18th, “I was a little nervous and nervous because it was my first home game.” It was a new feeling to lead the team, and I had a strong desire to show a better image to the fans.”

Kim Joo-seong is a legend representing KBL beyond Wonju DB. As a center with both height and mobility, he joined Wonju TG (predecessor of DB) in the 2002-2003 season and led the team to the championship in the first year, and until the 2017-2018 season, he won 3 championships and 5 runners-up, making DB’s heyday bloom. . In 742 games in the 16 season, he scored 10,288 points (3rd overall), 4425 rebounds (4th place), and 1037 blocked shots (1st place), and in particular, in the block shot category, he was close to immortality by 2nd place (Laganah, 644) and 393 shots. set a record The honorable team nickname of ‘Dongbusanseong’ was also born because Kim Joo-seong was consistently enduring.

It was on the 3rd that coach Kim Joo-seong was notified of acting coach. Coach Lee Sang-beom, who had repeatedly expressed his intention to resign due to health problems, decided to step down after playing the game against Seoul SK on the 4th, and coach Kim Joo-seong was entrusted with the heavy responsibility.

Coach Kim Seong-cheol, who showed his intention to resign together with coach Lee Sang-beom, could have been retained, but DB left Kim Joo-seong at the helm. It is a message that now is the time for Kim Joo-sung, the symbol of DB, to take over as director. Now, Kim Joo-seong’s ‘Acting Manager’ is standing on the test stage on the way to becoming a full-time coach after the season ends. 바카라사이트

In KBL, there are not many cases where an acting manager who took over the baton during the season became the manager right away the next season. There are Yoo Jae-hak (Daewoo), Kim Jin, Kim Sang-sik (Lee Sang-dong), Jeon Chang-jin (TG), Yoo Do-hoon (KT&G), Chu Seung-gyun (KCC), etc. Coach Kim Young-man was promoted after acting as manager in the 2013-2014 season and led the DB for three seasons.

In KBL, Jeon Hee-chul (SK) and Jo Sang-hyeon (LG) coaches are making a name for themselves as commanding towers from their team. Anyang KGC coach Kim Sang-shik is a former SBS player. Previously, Moon Kyung-eun (SK), Lee Sang-min (Samsung), Choo Seung-gyun (KCC), and Hyun Joo-yeop (LG) were active as star coaches from their teams.

Now, the time for the ‘Legend Manager’ from the team is approaching in Wonju DB. A prestigious DB of tradition has never set a franchise star as a director. Coach Kim Young-man wore the DB uniform in 2006, but transferred to KCC after failing to complete a season.

Acting Kim Joo-seong said, “It’s a crisis, but I will do my best to lead the team well as the opportunity has come to me.” He, who experienced 1 win and 1 loss in the command tower with a come-from-behind loss against LG on the 17th, said, “Now I have felt every win and loss. Although it is a stage of learning one by one,” he promised, “I will do my best to advance to the semifinals.” As of the 18th, DB is in 9th place (12-19), 4 games behind Carrot in Goyang and KCC in Jeonju (16-15) in joint 5th place.

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