I had a chance to look back on the issue of ‘unqualified trainers’. This is a bill that came into effect in 2021. 

On the 10th, the KFA posted a long article titled ‘The position of the Korea Football Association regarding the mandatory trainer for the Qatar World Cup team’ on its official website.

KFA said, “It is very regrettable that Mr. Ahn Deok-soo publicly criticized the association and the association’s duty staff through personal channels without providing specific grounds.” We will devise countermeasures,” he said. 

Regarding ‘Secret of Room 2701’, KFA wrote specific details through a long statement. The shocking content is the demands of the players. 

According to KFA, the association posted a recruitment notice for mandatory trainers on its website in November 2021. Around this time, some players requested that Son Heung-min’s personal trainer, Deok-soo Ahn, work as a duty staff member for the association. 메이저사이트

Regarding the reason for not including Ahn in the mandatory manpower, KFA said, “In November 2021, a notice was issued to recruit a medical trainer. Around this time, some players asked for Ahn to work as a staff member for the association,” he said. did.
And last year, when some players made similar requests, KFA notified that only those with relevant licenses could work under the National Sports Promotion Act, which came into effect in February 2021. Mr. Ahn explained that although he had the qualifications of ‘basic first aid’ and ‘sports field trainer’, he could not be officially hired because he did not have the qualifications recognized by the KFA, such as physical therapist, health exercise manager, athlete trainer, and exercise prescription. 

The corresponding bill of the National Sports Promotion Act, which came into effect in February 2021, is a bill that was created because of a heartbreaking event. The bill was created due to the problem of unqualified trainers, which was raised in the case of the death of the late Choi Sook-hyeon (triathlon) player.

It is a bill made to at least not repeat the problem that occurred at the time. It was something hard to put into words. A shocking thing happened and eventually a bill was created. Therefore, unqualified people no longer have a place in the sports world. At least you can’t stay in an official position. 

It is understandable that the players highly evaluate Ahn’s ability. There may also be other opinions about it. However, the person concerned is silent about the problem that Ahn dared to raise controversy and the story he said he would reveal himself. 

However, if the KFA has clearly presented its position on the matter, Ahn Deok-soo should also present his position calmly. Not only for myself, but also for the players and the KFA.  메이저사이트

However, it is necessary to look back on why Ahn could not join the national team this time. It is because of the bill that was created because of the absurdity that occurred in the sports world.

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