The LG Twins have completed contracts with 44 out of 45 contract renewal targets in 2023.

Ko Woo-suk signed a contract for 430 million won, an increase of 160 million won (59.3% increase rate) from 270 million won in annual salary, and recorded the highest annual salary (excluding FA players) in the team.

Moon Bo-kyung signed a contract for 170 million won, an increase of 102 million won (150% increase) from 68 million won, recording the highest increase rate in the team and entering the first billion won salary in his career as a player.

In addition, Kim Yun-sik (150 million), Lee Min-ho (140 million), and Lee Woo-chan (120 million) also recorded their first annual salary of 100 million won.
On the other hand, Lee Cheon-woong came down from a billionaire with an annual salary of 100 million to 80 million won.

However, it was not possible to reach a contract with Song Eun-beom, who played an active role as a key bullpen pitcher. This is because the disagreement has not been narrowed down in details.

Song Eun-beom only appeared in 25 games last year.

He recorded 1 win, 1 loss, 2 holds, and an average ERA of 4.05. If you look at the record alone, you can be a target for cuts. Because the number of matches was too small. However, it is known that the position of both sides is not decreasing in terms of the reduction.

Song Eun-beom has played a key role in the LG bullpen for the past three years.

When he needed long relief, he pitched long innings, and even when he needed to deal with a losing game, he silently climbed the mound and did his part. 토토사이트

The results revealed were not very outstanding, but the contribution to the team was by no means small.

But injuries got in the way. After suffering a cruciate ligament rupture injury in August of last year, he has not been on the mound for nearly a year.

Although he succeeded in making a comeback last year, the evaluation of the club was poor. Song Eun-beom’s opinion is that the previous efforts for the team were not reflected well in the negotiations.

An official familiar with the LG situation said, “I know that Song Eun-beom is regretting that the part he sacrificed for the team is not recognized. LG also recognizes Song Eun-beom’s contribution, but is in the position that the recorded grades are subject to reduction. He said he suffered an injury during a game while playing for the team, but he’s been told this season’s salary doesn’t reflect that well. I know that there are detailed disagreements about options, but it’s a bit difficult to say because this part is sensitive. The important thing is that the difference in interpretation of team contribution is becoming an obstacle to concluding the negotiations.”

LG still needs Song Eun-beom. Starting with the World Baseball Classic (WBC), there is a high possibility that key bullpen pitchers of the team will be selected in major international competitions such as the Asian Games and APBC.

Someone has to fill the void on their behalf. There may come a situation where pitcher management needs to be flexible considering fatigue.

Song Eun-beom, who has rich experience as a starting pitcher as well as a bullpen, is absolutely necessary. It seems that LG is also trying hard to prevent Song Eun-beom from getting hurt.

However, a difference in interpretation of team contribution separates the two.

Will LG be able to turn the heart of Song Eun-beom back? The time has come when the art of negotiation is more important than ever.

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