The only new face foreigner in the 2023-2024 V-League men’s division was unexpected. Woori Card coach Shin Young-cheol nominated Matei Kok (1m99) of Slovenia in the 2023 foreign tryout draft held on the 8th (hereinafter Korean time).

Four clubs decided to renew the contract, and Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, which decided to select a new player, Yosubani, and Hyundai Capital selected Ikbairi, so attention was focused on the decision of the last remaining Woori Card. Like other teams, I wondered whether to pick a player with Korean league experience or a new person.

Everyone was surprised when Director Shin said Matei Kok. Matei Kok, who was nominated, was at a loss because he liked it. The overwhelming emotions were evident. Matei Kok did not rank in the top 7 of KOVO’s pre-favorite survey. However, during this tryout, he caught the attention of coach Shin and came to Korea. This seems to be the advantage of tryouts in which players are directly selected based on their skills.

Director Shin said, “I chose based on basic skills, volleyball ability, and movement.” said. A large number of tall strikers taller than 2m participated in this tryout. However, Shin’s choice was 1m99 tall Matei Kok. Coach Shin said, “The jump height was fine. The quickness was good. Thinking of blocking domestic players, it has power. I had to think about defense, so I chose this player.”

Coach Shin suggested that Matei Kok could be used not only as an outside hitter but also as an apposite spiker depending on the team situation. He had tested highball spikes during practice games to see his ability to hit highballs in difficult situations, and Matei Kok was well-received. Director Shin said, “I thought that if he polished it up a little, he might be worth using.”

Matei Kok, who knows about the V-League while playing with Gasparini, who played in Korea, said, “I heard that the system is well established and the club’s support is good. And when I came to this tryout, I was surprised that the preparations were better than I thought.” He talked about his expectations for the league. 토스카지노

The total annual salary of foreign players in the first year is 400,000 dollars. Regarding this, Matei Kok said, “I am satisfied. I think that if I play volleyball for money, I will not be able to play for a long time.”

When asked what it was like to see coach Shin during the tryout, Matei Kok said, “He seems to be strict and wants results.” When asked if he could show results, he showed his confidence by saying, “I can do it enough.”

Will Matei Kok, the Cinderella of this tryout, captivate Korean volleyball fans with good grades?

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