In terms of popular songs, it was similar to the chorus. It reminded me of a ‘repeated phrase’ that sticks to the mouth and is familiar to the ears.

While setting up strategies for each division for the new season, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop added a basic premise to complete the team as planned as a habit. He repeated several times, “The most important thing is that players who have developed like Moon Bo-kyung and Moon Seong-joo should show the same level of performance as last year.”

The new season LG is looking for a plus-alpha factor in its existing power. For example, in the position of a foreign hitter, who has been worse off than not having it for the past two years, we expect Austin Dean, a new member of the family, to show enough ability to stand in the center of LG’s other lineup. Coach Yeom is counting Dean as 3rd or 4th batting order.

However, even if new resources are added to the force, if the existing resources do not perform as well as before, the overall force may stand still or go backwards. This is why director Yeom emphasizes the maintenance of LG’s ‘new power’, which was raised last year.

If it’s a ‘new power’, it’s the players who have made remarkable results when comparing the starting point and the ending point last year. These are players whose status within the team has risen like a jump. Infielder Moon Bo-kyung, outfielder Moon Seong-joo, and left-hander Kim Yun-sik, who emerged as a domestic ace in the second half, are the names Manager Yeom is paying attention to.

Among them, Moon Bo-kyung raised the OPS from 0.700 to 0.833 in 2021, and the WAR (based on the contribution to victory and stats compared to substitute players) from 1.85 to 4.86. Among team beasts, it was a record that ranked third after Oh Ji-hwan (6.44) and Park Hae-min (5.10).

Moon Seong-joo also made a makeover by raising the OPS, which was only 0.581 in 2021, to 0.823. His WAR last season was 3.38. Also on the mound, Kim Yun-sik moved the WAR from 0.53 in 2021 to 2.13 in 2022. With his rapidly growing performance in the second half, he rose to the top among the left-handers in the league. 온라인카지노

Moon Bo-kyung is in his 3rd year with the 1st team. Moon Seong-joo is also in fact ahead of the 3rd season of the 1st team. Kim Yun-sik is entering his 4th season after pitching 67.2 innings in 23 games on the first team stage in 2020. LG paid its own ‘opportunity cost’ during this period and invested in their growth. And from last year, I started to taste the ‘fruit’.

Moon Bo-kyung is the starting third baseman, and Moon Seong-joo is the fourth outfielder and pinch hitter to prepare for the season. Kim Yun-shik is classified as a third starter.

Manager Yeom also expects that they have grown into a perfectly calculable power and is planning the season. Even so, it seems that he is willing to admit that there are some uneasy elements and to confirm it repeatedly. He may be waiting for a time when he won’t have to say “provided they do as well as last year.”

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