The Korean Football Association’s surprise pardon controversy is not over. It does not end with withdrawal, but the ‘renewal’ of the Football Association is required. 

On the 18th, a discussion was held in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on the theme of ‘the problems of the Korean Football Association’s disciplinary amnesty and subsequent reform tasks’. Jeong Yong-cheol, a professor at Sogang University, moderated, and Chung Hee-joon, an executive member of the Cultural Solidarity, gave a presentation. Sports critic Jung Yoon-soo, soccer commentator Han Jun-hee, Sportsnious representative Kim Hyeon-hoe, Lee Geun-seung, sports spring/summer soccer team leader, and Lee Ji-woo of the soccer community Incheon Nation participated as panelists. .

On the 28th of last month, the association caused a stir by amnestying 100 soccer players who cheated on football, including a match-fixer in 2011. However, afterward, controversy arose over the legitimacy of the amnesty, the decision-making process, and the timing of the announcement, and the association held a temporary board of directors three days later to completely withdraw the amnesty proposal.

The discussion began with a presentation by Commissioner Jeong Hee-joon. Commissioner Chung criticized that “this amnesty is a project to save corruption leaders,” and said, “Even those who have been disciplined since 2019 from number 80. To prevent recurrence, it is necessary to eradicate the assortment of personnel and introduce a stronger reward system. We need to collect various opinions. We have to put all our efforts into reforming.” 메이저놀이터

Critic Jung Yoon-soo also said, “I think it’s part of a well-organized project. Why 100 people? Making such a decision in a situation where bad news from the Football Association overlaps, such as being ignored by the president at the round of 16 celebration and failing to attract the Asian Cup, is to avoid a crisis.” “Associations should play the role of ‘good governance’. However, if you look at the evaluation index for good governance, you only get 50 or 60 points,” he pointed out.

All of the panels analyzed that the structural problems of the Football Association were the cause of this situation. Representative Kim Hyeon-hoe said, “There were disagreements in various fields, such as the Nike contract and referee assignment, as well as the amnesty case.” “It is also a problem that the legends moved at once and then made an announcement on social media without the association process. The overall system needs improvement. ” said Team leader Lee Geun-seung also said, “We need a place where the voices of various people can gather.”

Commissioner Han Jun-hee said, “Currently, football is recognized as a public good, but the association did not recognize this. It is because they are confined to their own league.” “It has to be a sport. It is necessary to redefine the word football among players. In other fields, the keyword of the 4th Industrial Revolution comes out, but the Football Association is staying in a home-made industry. It is important to break away from it.” It emphasized the change in their perception.

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