Spellman was quiet in the first half. However, Monroe filled Spellman’s place and the well-rested Spellman exploded in the second half.

Anyang KGC met Seoul SK in the 3rd game of the 2022-2023 professional basketball championship held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium on the 29th and won 81-70. It was KGC that made the series 2-1 with the victory on this day.

Omari Spellman (206cm, F) is one of the foreign players representing KBL beyond KGC. In the regular season, he averaged 19.9 points, 9.9 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game, helping his team to a ‘wire-to-wire’ championship. Even in the playoffs, he did his part in offense and defense. It was a little disappointing in his attack, but he did his best in defense and showed solidity. In particular, in the second round of the championship match with SK, Jamil Warney (200cm, C) tied with 9 points and was approved by KGC.

However, in the first half of the third game, he showed a disappointing performance compared to usual. All shots attempted in the first quarter missed. Even on defense, he couldn’t make sure of the bottom-of-the-box defense. Playing 7:31, Spellman’s court margin was -12.

Nevertheless, KGC was able to continue the chase in the first quarter. The reason was because there was Daryl Monroe (198cm, F). Veteran Monroe, who entered the court in place of Spellman, gave the team a clear center. 먹튀검증

KGC completely gave up the atmosphere at the beginning of the first quarter on this day. No outside shots. He attempted five 3-pointers, but all failed. Oh Se-geun (200cm, C) was responsible for all of the team’s first five points. However, scoring support from other key players was minimal. Except for Oh Se-geun, KGC’s key players tried 11 shots in the first 8 minutes and all failed.

Even on defense, he couldn’t control SK’s firepower. SK allowed 18 points while KGC scored 5 points. It was KGC that perfectly set the mood.

The player who changed the flow was Monroe, who was brought in from the bench. In defense, he succeeded in controlling SK’s attack under the goal. After the introduction of Monroe, KGC’s loss was only 1 point.

The bow of the blocked attack also pierced it. Mid-range scoring and successive 3-pointers. It was KGC that created an atmosphere of pursuit with Monroe’s performance. On top of that, KGC, with Oh Se-keun’s additional goal, succeeded in pursuing the game 14-18. It was KGC that succeeded in running 9-1 after Monroe was put in.

Monroe kept the court in the second quarter. Because Monroe’s performance was better than Spellman’s. Especially in the middle of the 2nd quarter, KGC hit and went out. Monroe opened the door by scoring free throws and scoring under the goal. In addition, Lens Abando (188cm, G) and Park Ji-hoon (184cm, G) scored points. After that, the score gap widened as he could not control Leon Williams (198cm, C). But this time, Monroe held the center by scoring four points in a row at the end of the quarter.

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