“We will do it at our own pace from the first quarter.” This is director Joo Hee-jeong’s promise.

Korea University won 98-61 in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League home game against Sungkyunkwan University held at Korea University Hwajeong Gymnasium on the 9th. Korea University went undefeated and won 9 consecutive victories.

Korea University was taken aback by Sungkyunkwan University’s even score in the first quarter. From the second half, Moon Jung-hyun scored 12 points, including one 3-point shot, and chased 17-18. In the second quarter, as Moon Jeong-hyeon continued to play hard, Park Jung-hwan, Park Moo-bin, Lee Dong-geun, and Kim Tae-hoon’s three-point shot broke the rim. Korea University, which once gained momentum, won a complete victory.

Head coach Joo Hee-jung, whom we met after the match, said, “We have another match against Yonsei University, but we have to do our best rather than match ourselves to the opponent. It’s a pity that that didn’t go well in the first quarter. Finding our own pace is both experience and ability. It seems to have improved a lot. The problem is that (Park) Moo-bin and (Moon) Jeong-hyeon are not doing well in training because of the training practice. I’m training more than a hundred times over the weekend, and I’m worried because I’m feeling cold.” 토스카지노

Korea University changed the atmosphere with a 3-point shot in the second quarter. In the last game against Myongji University, he scored 18 3-pointers and won a great victory. Coach Hee-Jung Joo said, “I think it went well because there were one or two outside shots. First of all, the team defense was good, and after rebounding, I found a way out by going fast.”

Korea University is facing a confrontation with Yonsei University on the 25th. Director Joo Hee-jung said, “The first quarter became a preventive shot. The game on the 25th will be played at our own pace from the first quarter. In sports, of course, there is no such thing as who wins. Personally, I think of the regular match in September as a rival match, and I plan to play this match as one of the regular league matches.”

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