Joao Felix, called ‘Post Ronaldo’, enters the English Premier League.

While the strands were caught in a rental transfer, the destination was headed to Chelsea, not Manchester United and Arsenal, which were previously connected. 

Reporter David Ornstein of Britain’s ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 10th (Korean time), “Chelsea’s Atletico Madrid striker Joao Felix signing is imminent.” 

Portuguese striker Felix showed off his skills beyond his age at Benfica in 2019 and has been called the ‘Ronaldo successor’.

Later, in the summer of 2019, he transferred with a transfer fee of 126 million euros (approximately 168.3 billion won), the highest transfer fee in the history of the prestigious Atletico Madrid club in Spain.

However, despite many expectations, Felix had problems with coach Diego Simeone’s appointment and adaptation to the team, and rumors of a transfer had surfaced since the end of last season.

Felix, who scored 4 goals and 3 assists in 14 matches in the first half of this season, proved that his skills did not deteriorate regardless of his team’s problems, playing an active role in the Qatar World Cup.

In addition to financial problems, Atletico Madrid decided to dispose of Felix, who had a disagreement with coach Simeone, and decided to transfer on loan when it became difficult to receive a large transfer fee. 

When the possibility of a loan transfer by the Portuguese supernova emerged, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea, which needed to strengthen their attacking line in the Premier League, confirmed the possibility of Felix’s recruitment. 

“Man Utd and Arsenal are not willing to pay the high rent for Felix, which Atlético are asking for,” Ornstein said. In the end, Chelsea completed a verbal agreement with Atletico to sign Felix on loan, and the rent will be 11 million euros (approximately 14.6 billion won), which Atletico initially requested.” 

Reporter Fabrizio Romano, who is well versed in the transfer market, also commented on the news of Felix’s loan, saying, “Chelsea wants to 100 percent finalize the contract this week. Currently, the two teams are finalizing the details of the Felix contract.”  메이저사이트

However, it is known that Atletico Madrid will not include in the contract the optional transfer option after the lease that was previously considered. 

Spanish media reporter Matteo Moreto said, “Felix, who is likely to go to Chelsea, has agreed to a contract extension with Atletico Madrid until 2027.” Atletico Madrid seems to be trying to get Felix back into the team if he shows good skills after renting Chelsea, or using the remaining contract period to get as much transfer income as possible.

Even with the arrival of Felix, the move of Chelsea, the main character of this transfer market blast, does not seem to be over. 

“Chelsea want more strikers. After the signing of Felix, Arsenal will not be left out of the competition to sign Mikhailo Mudrik,” he said. 

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