Ronaldinho’s son, the ‘alien’, wore the shirt of his father’s home team, Barcelona. 

On the 3rd (Korean time), Barcelona Youth Lamasia announced the signing of a contract with Ronaldinho’s son, Joao Menzies, through their official channel. 

Born in 2005, Mendes signed a professional contract with the Brazilian professional team Cruizeru in 2019 and has been active for three years. A left-footed striker, he recently signed a contract with Cruzeru and moved to Spain. After taking a test to join Barcelona U-19, he successfully signed a contract with La Masia. 

His son thus walked the same path as his father. His father, Ronaldinho, is a Barcelona legend who has been active in Barcelona for five seasons since 2013 and led the team to two league championships and the Champions League. Since his retirement in 2015, he has been a Barcelona ambassador.  더블유 토토

His father also sent a congratulatory message to his son for joining Barcelona. Ronaldinho congratulated his son on his social media account, saying, “May God continue to light your path.” 

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