“I didn’t think about being the top scorer…”

Hwang Da-bin of Gwangyoung Middle School in Jeonnam and Kim Hee-jin of Yesung Girls’ Middle School in Chungju were the joint top scorers in the secondary school division at the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Soccer Tournament held at Hwanggang Gunmin Sports Park in Hapcheon, Hapcheon, Gyeongnam, the “2023 Wellness Healing Specialty City,” on June 26. Although Yeesung Girls’ Middle School defeated Gwangyoung Middle School 6-0, the two players’ faces were bright as they won individual awards side by side.

“I didn’t score as many goals as I thought I would, but I got the scoring award,” said Kim Hee-jin after the ceremony. I’m grateful to my teammates for doing a good job.” Hwang Da-bin said, “I was able to score because of my coach and coaching team. I also have teammates who helped me. It’s my first individual award, so it’s even more meaningful,” he laughed.

The two scored five goals each. Huang Da Bin scored a hat trick in the first group game against Pohang Hangdojung. “I wasn’t even thinking about being the top scorer, but I scored a hat trick on the first day of the tournament. From then on, I thought, ‘Let’s do it,'” he said.

Kim Hee-jin was outstanding in the final. She calmly slotted home a one-on-one opportunity and then scored her team’s fifth goal late in the game. He said, “I’ve been scoring goals every game, so I’ve gotten greedy. Today 메이저놀이터 I wanted to score more than two goals, but I’m still happy,” he smiled.

After watching each other play for the first time, the two had a few words of advice. “You seem to be calm when you’re in possession of the ball and in scoring situations,” Kim said. “I feel like you are decisive and responsible in scoring situations,” he replied.

Kim’s role model is Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City). He said, “His passing and finishing are amazing. I want to be a player like him,” he said.

Hwang Da-bin said, “My sister plays soccer at Gwangyang Girls’ High School. I started playing soccer because of her, so I don’t have a role model,” he smiled.

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