Seongnam FC recruited striker Shin Jae-won as a free agent.

Shin Jae-won, who spent his childhood in Australia, went through the U16 national team by age group. After graduating from high school, he went to Korea University and played an active part in winning the 2017 University Wangjungwangjeon and scoring 10 points in 12 U-League games in 2018.

Shin Jae-won started his professional life at FC Seoul in the 2019 season and raised his stock price by being named on the training list for the U23 national team. 온라인카지노 After that, he went through Ansan and Suwon FC, and is recording 1 goal in 32 matches in the K-League.

Shin Jae-won, who stands out from the side, is a multiplayer who can play both wing forward and wing back. His dribbling and shooting through his quick feet, and his ability to cross from a distance are considered his strengths.

Coach Lee Ki-hyung said, “He is a player who can participate in both side defense and offense. I hope he will contribute to the team’s unified goal this season by training hard.”

Shin Jae-won said, “I am grateful to the coach who called me to take on a new challenge in Seongnam. I will work hard to become a long-remembered player in Seongnam. Please support me a lot.”

After completing the medical test, Shin Jae-won is expected to join the club’s first winter training ground, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and join the players.

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