An unwelcome guest called ‘injury’ appeared in the K-League 1, a professional football club heated up by the opening fever.

It is the aftermath of starting the season on February 25, which is closer to late winter than early spring. It is not easy for players who have raised their bodies in warm Southeast Asia to adapt to the frozen ground. It is an environment where players who injure their knees, ankles, and muscles are forced to appear one after another.

Daejeon Hana Citizen and Jeju United were hit the hardest by injuries. Unfortunately, both teams are in deep trouble as the ‘captain’, who can be said to be a core power, is injured.

On the 26th of last month, Jeju midfielder Choi Young-joon was replaced after injuring his knee in the home opener against Suwon FC, which was confirmed to be a cruciate ligament rupture. Not only does it require an operating table, but it is a major injury that requires more than half a year to recover. Daejeon also suffered an orbital fracture on the 4th while midfielder Joo Se-jong competed for an aerial ball during an expedition to Incheon United. Heung-Min Son (Tottenham), the national team’s ‘captain’, was decided to undergo surgery on the 7th as it was similar to the injury he suffered just before the World Cup in Qatar last year.

It is also true that Daegu FC’s defender Hong Chul’s injury is not light. He fell while competing with an opponent in the opening match against the Pohang Steelers, and ruptured his knee ligaments. The recovery period may vary depending on the treatment, but it is clear that he will have to leave the ground for a while.

There are not a few players who have not disclosed it to the outside, but are closed due to injuries. Pohang striker Wandelsson and Gangwon FC striker Lee Jeong-hyeop were injured while improving their condition ahead of the opening game. Gangwon coach Choi Yong-soo said, “(Lee) Jeong-hyeop is in a difficult situation until May. Not getting hurt is like an ability now,” he said, sighing, saying, “Dino, who came back from a long-term injury, is our team’s only frontline striker.”

Naturally, the commanders of each team were on alert for injuries. As matches are held every week this year, key players are actively using replacement cards while allocating playing time. It is a calculation that the performance can be improved only when there are no injured players. 메이저사이트

It was at this point that the joys and sorrows of Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai, which were considered to compete for the championship before the opening, were divided at the beginning of the season.

Jeonbuk coach Kim Sang-shik focused on side striker Lee Dong-jun, who returned from the German Bundesliga, but he injured his hamstring in the first game against his former team Ulsan and is currently in the disappointing 9th place (1 draw and 1 loss). On the other hand, Ulsan is running in 3rd place (2 wins) after being pushed by multiple points by protecting Eom Won-sang, who was concerned about a similar injury.

Coach Hong said, “It was a great help for us to immediately replace Um Won-sang when a muscle problem was discovered,” adding, “Injury management at the beginning of the season is important.”

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