‘Patience’ is the key word for Jo Kyu-seong (25, Jeonbuk Hyundai), who is a man from comics, to Europe. As is known, Kyu-Sung Cho is promoting a trip to Europe. Cho Kyu-sung succeeded in promoting his value through the 2022 Qatar World Cup. If he drew attention for his good looks in the first match against Uruguay, in the second match against Ghana, he became the first Korean player to score multiple goals in a World Cup final match, showing off his ability. Cho Kyu-sung immediately emerged as a ‘blue chip’. He has become a player to be noticed in Europe, where authentic strikers are rare. Cho Kyu-seong also said, “I really want to go out. After meeting players from Europe and South America, it seems that I want to grow more and want to face one more time. I thought there would be a big wall, but it wasn’t. I think I can grow,” he said.

European teams are calling for Cho Kyu-seong, who is taking a break after the World Cup. Just in time, the winter transfer market opened. Scotland Celtic was the first to step out, and recently there have been reports that Mainz (Germany) is courting. As a result of the coverage, the interest is real. Mainz, whose main striker is injured, wants to fill the void by signing Cho Kyu-seong. Mainz has Cho Kyu-seong and Lee Jae-seong, a midfielder with the national team. Mainz, amid Lee Jae-sung’s active recommendation, also jumped into the scouting match.

However, there are no specific offers yet. Cho Kyu-seong said, “It is true that he showed more interest than a letter of intent,” and said, “But the official offer from the club has not yet come.” The Jeonbuk side also said, “No specific proposal has been received.” First of all, Cho Kyu-seong’s side is thinking that as Mainz is interested, they will take their time and wait for the proposal. However, foreign media such as German media kicker said, ‘It is unclear whether Mainz, which is in poor financial condition, can meet the needs of Jeonbuk and Cho Kyu-sung.’

Even if there is no proposal from Mainz, Cho Kyu-sung’s side is in a position to walk the road according to the set blueprint. In particular, Cho Kyu-sung’s thoughts are firm. Jeonbuk entrusted director Park Ji-sung to negotiate Cho Kyu-sung’s trip to Europe. Director Park recently gave Cho Kyu-sung several pieces of advice. The key was ‘go to a team that recognizes your value’. Apparently, the January transfer market focuses on filling the gaps created by the injuries and sluggishness of existing players. Therefore, even if the opportunity comes right away, it is difficult to guarantee participation if the existing resources return. Director Park, who knows the physiology of Europe well, is said to have advised Cho Kyu-seong that if he wants to transfer in January, he should go to a team that recognizes the value of a player, 안전놀이터 in other words, a team that sets a high transfer fee. It meant spending more money to give more opportunities. Jo Gyu-seong also nodded.

Cho Kyu-seong’s side is also watching the situation with a lot of time rather than juggling each and every proposal. Not only Celtic and Mainz, but several leagues and teams are already interested in Cho. I plan to take my time and wait for their suggestions. As a consensus has been formed with the Jeonbuk side about entering Europe, we plan to move without haste. First of all, Cho Kyu-seong’s side expects that this week, when the January transfer market is in full swing, an outline will come out little by little.

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