On April 19, Ukrainian professional soccer club FC Polisia Zhytomyr made an “official” announcement on its official website.

It’s a new player signing. The club announced the signing of a one-year contract. His position is winger and his back number is 17. He stands at 191 centimeters and is 36 years old.

However, he’s a bit unusual. We’re not talking about signing an older, veteran player. This happens quite often.

What’s really unusual is that he hadn”t played for any soccer club before joining this club at the age of 36. In other words, this is Polisha Zhitomir”s first club as a professional soccer player. A 36-year-old rookie. The club let him attend training before officially signing him, watched him, evaluated him, and finally signed him.

The club’s president explained why they signed such an unusual player.

“I respect this player and I’m proud of him. His attitude to training sets a great example for our team: he is a player who gives everything to win, anytime, anywhere. The love of soccer united our relationship. His childhood dream of becoming a footballer will be realized through our team.” 먹튀검증

Spain’s Marca had this to say about the player.

“He has become a true professional soccer player. He has taken his passion to a new level. He played 15 minutes in the team’s winter training game last February. It was his unofficial debut. He played as a right winger. He had a lot of power when he sprinted with the ball at his feet, and he had good judgment and decision-making. He had good communication with the other strikers. He made a strong impression. Based on this experience, we signed him on a permanent contract.”

Who is he?

Based on the club president and the Marca reference, he has no previous experience as a professional soccer player. When he was a kid, he wanted to play professional soccer. He took a chance on his dream and, until recently, played other sports before switching to soccer.

He’s not a proven soccer player, and at 36 years old, we can’t expect much from him in the future. As a professional soccer player, we can only conclude that he is an ‘uncertainty’.

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