Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti wanted AC Milan against the UEFA Champions League final.

According to Spain’s Marca on the 10th (Korean time), Milan director Paolo Maldini said, “Ancelotti asked to meet him in the Champions League final.”

“It was after the Champions League quarter-final draw was announced. I got a call from Ancelotti and said, ‘Let’s meet in Istanbul,'” said Maldini.

This season’s Champions League final will be held at the Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey. This place is where Ancelotti and Maldini suffered unforgettable pain.

In the 2004/05 season, Ancelotti and Maldini, who played for Milan as manager and player respectively, took part in the Champions League final against Liverpool at the Ataturk Stadium.

The start was good. He dominated Liverpool by driving in three goals in the first half alone. But in the second half, the atmosphere changed. Liverpool gave up 3 runs. In the end, it went through overtime to the penalty shootout, and in the end, 3 players lost and ended up in the runner-up. 스포츠토토

The two people who suffered from pain at Ataturk Stadium took the opportunity to lift the championship cup in the same place.

First you have to pass the 8th. Real face Chelsea in the quarterfinals, while Milan face Napoli in the same league.

In particular, Napoli has been solo in Serie A this season and has reached a 99% chance of winning, but Ancelotti seems to think that AC Milan can win.

According to various betting companies, AC Milan has the lowest odds of advancing to the final.

In the semi-finals, Real will face Manchester City-Bayern Munich winners, and Milan will face Inter Milan-Benfica winners.

Maldini had hope, saying, “It won’t be easy to get to the final, but I think the club’s history gives us a chance to believe. We have overcome difficulties before.”

He continued, “In March and April, when the Champions League is held, there comes an opportunity to turn a season into an amazing season. We just got this opportunity. We have to make good use of it.”

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