Kim Min-jae (25) was an indispensable key to Naples. He was substituted after playing only 45 minutes in the first half. He was questioned at first, but as a key Napoli player, he was one of those under special care. He was a precautionary measure against injury.

Kim Min-jae started the match against Sampdoria in the 17th round of the ‘2022-23 season Italian Serie A’ held at Luigi Ferraris in Genoa, Italy on the 9th (Korean time). From the beginning of the first half, Napoli played a big role as a key defense. He was not pushed back even in a ball fight with Sampdoria’s striker and cleverly cut off the opponent’s forward pass.

After holding the ball, he put in intermittent passes and became the center of Napoli’s rear build-up. Minjae Kim’s strong defense allowed the Napoli offense to play quite leisurely. The penalty kick was missed at the beginning of the first half, but in the 19th minute of the first half, Osimen momentarily penetrated into the box and scored, showing off his decisive power.

Kim Min-jae played a decisive role in leaving Sampdoria. After cutting the ball from the back, he fired a forward pass, and Osimen received the ball and sprinted forward. Rincon tackled Osimen to stop him, but was recognized for a foul that prevented an obvious goal situation and received a red card. Even with the video review system (VAR), the decision did not change.

He played a big role as a ‘top class iron pillar’ in the first half, but was not seen in the second half. Spalletti replaced Minjae Kim and put in Rahmani.

The tactical reason was obviously not. Kim Min-jae recorded the highest rating among both teams’ defenses in the first half based on ‘’. He was an indispensable resource in the second half as he had a solid defense and even a nice rear build-up.

As the second half started, quite a few local reports poured in. 토토사이트 There was an opinion that he was not in good physical condition, but the Italian media ‘Tutomercatoweb’ said, “Spalletti first replaced Kim Min-jae in anticipation of injury. “It was not a special injury, but a precautionary measure,” he said.

After the match, I was able to hear the exact reason from Spalletti. Coach Spalletti said, “I had muscle fatigue and was at risk of injury. The medical team checked Kim Min-jae’s condition. I replaced him after the first half to prevent the possibility of not being able to play due to injury.” pointed out

Napoli has had the experience of falling after running at its peak in the first half every time. Even in previous years, the first half was quite a tailwind. In the 2021-22 season, AC Milan and Inter Milan competed for first place, but eventually lost their strength at the end. He failed to compete for the championship as he finished in 3rd place in the final standings.

Currently ranked first in Italy’s Serie A, aiming for the championship in 33 years after the days of Diego Maradona. They are 7 points behind AC Milan and Juventus, who are tied for second place. The match against Juventus after the match against Sampdoria is considered the most important match in the second half of the schedule. If core central defense Kim Min-jae leaves due to injury, it would be a huge loss to the championship race.

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