Is Kim Min-jae, who received a huge offer from Manchester United, thinking about the option of staying?

Kim Min-jae, who moved to Naples this season, has been reborn as a key defender of the team at the same time as entering the top 5 European leagues. Thanks to Kim Min-jae’s defense, Napoli won the Serie A title for the first time in 33 years, and he was immediately listed on the recruiting list of big clubs.

The club that showed the most active interest is Manchester United. At the time of Kim Min-jae’s contract with Napoli, he included a buyout of 60 million euros (approximately 87 billion won) limited to overseas clubs, but Man Utd is in a position to pay a buyout to recruit Kim Min-jae.

In this situation, the news that Man Utd is already in contact with Kim Min-Jae was also conveyed. French media Foot Mercato reported that Manchester United had already started negotiations for the signing of Kim Min-jae, and that the player’s aides and Manchester United management met to discuss economic proposals and team projects.

However, the Italian media expressed expectations for remaining, saying that Kim Min-jae also had the option of Naples.

Italian media Il Martino reported on the 13th (Korean time), “Kim Min-jae, who is getting farther and farther away from Naples, has been offered a huge salary.”

Il Martino said, “What ruined President Aurelio De Laurentiis’s plan is the clause allowing foreign clubs to recruit Kim Min-jae, which gives capital gains, but also deprives one of the main characters of Scudetto.”

He added, “Man Utd and Kim Min-jae recently met and are known to have offered an amount that would shake everyone.”

But Il Martino stressed the importance of Kim Min-jae having a choice, despite United’s huge offer. The media explained, “The clause can be activated by the club that wants him, but Kim Min-jae is free to decide whether to leave or stay at Napoli.” did.

Il Martino also said, “Kim Min-jae can continue to play for Luciano Spalletti’s team for one more year,” and said that Kim Min-jae could choose to stay. 스포츠토토

Some Italian media, such as La Gazzetta dello Sport, have already reported that Min-jae Kim, who has the right to decide on the transfer, has no intention of leaving Naples. If Kim Min-jae chooses to stay in Naples this summer, the transfer is impossible even if several clubs such as Manchester United and Man City pay more than the buyout.

There was also news that Naples also offered Kim Min-jae a transfer in the summer of 2024 after staying for one year with an increased annual salary, so there is a possibility that Kim Min-jae will accept the offer.

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Min-jae, who has shown strong affection for his current team Napoli, will choose to spend more seasons in Naples despite Man Utd’s attractive offer.

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