Jeonbuk Hyundai reported their first win of the season with Moon Seon-min’s multi-goal.

Jeonbuk won 2-0 with the performance of Moon Seon-min, who scored multiple goals in the 3rd round of the ‘Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’ against Gwangju FC held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 12th. Jeonbuk, who stayed with 1 draw and 1 loss in the first two games after the opening, succeeded in winning their first win of the season at home in three games. On the other hand, Gwangju faced off with active soccer again that day, but unfortunately lost and fell into a two-game losing streak.

For Jeonbuk, Kyu-Sung Cho and Andre Lewis started as a two-top team. At the waist were Song Min-gyu, Baek Seung-ho, Maeng Seong-woong, and Moon Seon-min. Maeng Seong-woong and Moon Seon-min are the first starters of the season. The four-back was made by Kim Jin-soo, Hong Jeong-ho, Jung Tae-wook, and Kim Moon-hwan. Jeong Tae-wook, who only came on as a substitute, got his first starting opportunity due to Park Jin-seop’s injury. The goal was guarded by Jung Min-gi. Gwangju faced off with Huh Yul and Lee Hee-kyun as two tops. Asani, Park Han-bin, Jeong Ho-yeon, and Jeong Ji-hoon were all lined up for Heo-jin, and the four-back consisted of Lee Min-ki, Teemo, Ahn Young-gyu, and Lee Sang-gi. Ahn Young-kyu wore the goalkeeper gloves.

Jeonbuk seized their chance in the 3rd minute of the first half. Moon Seon-min broke through and stepped on the ball nicely, and Cho Kyu-seong connected it with a right-footed shot, but it came out after being hit by the defense. Andre caught it and tried to shoot again, but it didn’t hit. Two minutes later, in the midst of a hassle in a free kick situation, Moon Seon-min connected with a shot, but it was deflected after being hit by the defense. Gwangju did not retreat and confronted with bold pressure. After an interception in the 12th minute, Lee Sang-ki overlapped and shot, but headed straight for the goalkeeper. 스포츠토토

Jeonbuk counterattacked. In the 15th minute, Moon Seon-min gave the ball from the right, and Baek Seung-ho hit it with his right foot, but it was hit by the defense and out. Gwangju responded two minutes later with Asani’s left-footed shot. In the 18th minute, Gwangju replaced Huh Yul and Jung Ji-hoon and replaced Thomas Lee Soon-min. Jeonbuk launched an attack with Moon Seon-min’s counterattack. Gwangju also fought bravely without lowering the line. Both teams played a one-step battle, but failed to open the opponent’s goal in the first half.

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