Coach Rafael Benitez, who made a name for himself as one of the world’s ‘masters’, confessed that he had received an offer from the Korean national team.

Coach Benitez revealed that he received an offer from the Korean national team through ‘Sky Sports’ in England. With this remark, coach Benitez immediately emerged as one of the candidates for the Korean national team.

Benitez is a world-renowned leader who has led Liverpool to the UEFA Champions League (UCL) championship in the past. He also has experience in leading clubs such as Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid.

On the 19th (Korean time), director Benitez, who has emerged as a candidate for Korean director, had an interview with Britain’s ‘Guardian’. In this interview, he did not comment on the Korean national team coach.

“Everything is moving fast. A lot of people say we need to get a modern coach. My thinking is that experienced coaches have a better chance of success. Younger coaches can be successful, of course.” “But older coaches also have more because they are always learning. I also have the latest software and analyze every game. 안전놀이터 I know the best information about big data.”

And to the question of predicting the UCL winning team this season, coach Benitez gave an ‘unexpected answer’. Many experts point to Manchester City and Real Madrid as favorites to win the title, but Benitez had a different idea.

Coach Benitez, who was named as a Korean candidate, chose Napoli as the team that ‘unfortunately’ Korean national team defender Kim Min-jae is performing the best.

Benitez said: “Of course Man City are among the favourites. The winners of Real Madrid and Liverpool could also be favourites. But I like Napoli. People talk a lot about Real Madrid, but I’m different. When I see Napoli, I feel confident. “He plays well, he is really strong in the league. Napoli will improve, he will grow. Napoli will win. Why are you saying no? In football, anything is possible.”

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