“I want to score double-digit goals in the 2023 season. I also want to share my wonderful thoughts at the awards ceremony.”

Ko Jae-hyeon (24, Daegu FC), who left good personal results last season, expressed his strong feelings.

Ko Jae-hyun contributed to the team’s 4-2 victory by scoring a goal in a practice match against Jeonju University held at Mijo Public Stadium in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do at 2:00 pm on the 1st.

Immediately after that, he attended the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training 4th Media Camp Press Conference held at the Multipurpose Hall of the Namhae General Social Welfare Center from 7:00 pm and conveyed his thoughts on finishing the first battery training. He also added his impressions of preparing for the upcoming season.

It is Ko Jae-hyun who is more anticipated for the next season. He took a ‘career high’ last season.

Ko Jae-hyun, who announced his first professional start in Daegu in 2018, returned after renting at Seoul E-Land in the K League 2 in the 2020-2021 season. He wore the Daegu uniform again and took a step forward by scoring 13 goals and 2 assists in the K-League 1 last year.

In particular, with his excellent positioning and scoring sense, he was nicknamed ‘Go Ja-gi (Ko Jae-hyun + Inja-gi)’ after the Italian legend striker Filippo Inza-gi.

For a better season than last season, where he did well, Ko Jae-hyun played harder than anyone else in the first field training in Namhae. Ko Jae-hyeon was included among the four players whom Acting Coach Choi Won-kwon said “has a good attitude” and “a player whose eyes have changed.”

On this day, Ko Jae-hyun first looked back on last season. His individual performance was good, but his team confirmed his retention after a bloody battle in the relegation zone.

He said, “Last season was a time I absolutely do not want to repeat,” and opened his eyes wide, saying, “It was the first time I felt fear and anxiety.”

“I tend to sleep well, but that was the first time I understood why people couldn’t sleep when they were under a lot of stress. I thought, ‘I’m under so much stress’, but (I’m saying this because I’m finally able to relax in my heart). Instead, I’m thinking as positively as possible that I was able to convey a more meaningful emotion to the fans at the end. It was a valuable time,” he explained.

He said, “(Before confirming my stay) I thought, ‘I want to comfortably watch’ the playoff match between Suwon Samsung and FC Anyang. 토토사이트 It was so good that it happened just as I wanted,” he added. “But on the other hand, I thought, ‘Suwon must be very difficult.

Through this first field training, Ko Jae-hyun made himself stronger. He said, “I worked really hard on weight training because I wanted to have an attacking power that would intimidate and destroy his opposing defenders. He focused on that point and did weight training so that he could develop his explosive power.”

He grew up so much last season that he was often called the ‘son of Daegu’. Ko Jae-hyun emphasized, “I am grateful to have such a nickname. I feel that I have to do better. I can’t help but work hard during training and games. I want to show my fans a better image.”

Regarding the coach Choi Won-kwon, Ko Jae-hyeon said, “He is a very good coach.” “I feel that he truly loves football. However, I felt closer when the coach was a coach. We used to go to the convenience store together to make a so-called ‘convenience store bet.’ We make bets now, but we don’t go to the convenience store together.” He smiled and said, “I understand the director. So I’m not sad at all. I think the weight will definitely be different from before. “I feel like that,” he explained.

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