The teachers of Yang Hyeon-jun (20, Gangwon FC), who is mentioned as the next-generation star of Korean football beyond the K-League, jumped into training in earnest.

Yang Hyeon-joon played 36 K-League games last season, scoring 8 goals and 4 assists, leading Gangwon (K-League 1 6th) to a blast. Wearing a K-League All-Star uniform, he showed his presence in a friendly against Tottenham Hotspur, where Son Heung-min belongs. He suddenly rose to stardom and enjoyed the double congratulations of reaching the Taegeuk mark. He plays on the ground wearing the same number ‘7’ as his role model Son Heung-min in Gangwon this season.

The two teachers who discovered and helped Yang Hyeon-jun grow took on a new challenge to find the ‘second Yang Hyeon-jun’.

Yang Hyeon-jun was unknown until he entered Gangwon. 안전놀이터 The one who has been keeping an eye on him since childhood is Kim Yu-jin (39), who is currently in charge of Shin High School in Gyeongju.

Director Kim Yu-jin served as a Gangwon scout until last year. Yang Hyeon-joon fell in love at first sight when he was a student at Dongbu Middle School in Geoje, and he grew up through constant interest and advice.

Head Coach Woo-Ram Cha, who is currently working with coach Yu-Jin Kim, is Yang Hyeon-Jun’s middle and high school teacher. Yang Hyun-joon received the Young Player Award at the K League 1 Awards Ceremony last year and publicly left a greeting saying, “Thank you for the hard work and teachings of Head Coach Woo-Ram Cha.”

Director Kim Yu-jin, who made Yang Hyeon-jun, and head coach Woo-ram Cha came together. He dreams of flying as a leader in Shingo.

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