While the possibility of Kim Min-jae (Naples) and Lee Kang-in (Mallorca) transferring to one of Europe’s most prestigious clubs after this season is being discussed, there are also observations that military service may affect whether or not the transfer is successful. .

Kim Min-jae is receiving attention from world-class clubs such as Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham. While his team Napoli is likely to win the championship, interest in Kim Min-jae, who made an absolute contribution to Napoli’s first championship in 33 years after 1990, is expected to increase as the summer transfer market approaches.

Napoli’s last match in the Italian Serie A league will be against Sampdoria on June 4. When the European Football Federation Champions League final is over on June 10, the European football season 2022-2023 is over, and after about a month of rest, European clubs begin preparations for the next season.

In order for Kim Min-jae to join the new team normally and adapt to the tactics, the transfer negotiations must be completed by mid-July at the earliest or by the end of July at the latest. In fact, in the case of Man City and Atletico Madrid, they plan to visit Korea at the end of July to play a pre-season match.

The problem is that Kim Min-jae has to undergo basic military training after the end of this season. Kim Min-jae took up alternative service after winning the gold medal at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games. Kim Min-jae has to undergo basic military training for three weeks in order to perform alternative service as a sports agent. Kim Min-jae completed registration as an arts and sports agent in June of last year, and is in a situation where he has to undergo three weeks of training within a year after registration.

If Kim Min-jae enters the training center in mid-June, he will be discharged in early July. If you participate in the 2nd consecutive match of the Korean national soccer team, your entry into the training center will be delayed and you will only be able to leave in mid-July.

Coincidentally, the buyout clause included in the contract between Kim Min-jae and Napoli is activated during this period. It is known that Kim Min-jae’s contract has a buyout clause of about 50 million euros (70 billion won) that will be activated only from July 1 to 15.

Therefore, during this period, clubs that want to recruit Kim Min-jae can negotiate with Kim Min-jae personally without Naples intervention if they offer only a transfer fee of more than 70 billion won. On the other hand, after this period, Napoli takes the lead in negotiations. Kim Min-jae can negotiate individually only with clubs that Napoli has completed negotiations between clubs. For Kim Min-jae, the range of choices is greatly narrowed.

Kim Min-jae may miss this transfer opportunity if Napoli’s uncooperative attitude overlaps with the delay in entering the training center following Klinsmann’s request to participate. 메이저사이트

In the case of Lee Kang-in (Mallorca), who is receiving attention from the European soccer world as his skills have improved rapidly, the number of clubs that want to recruit him is increasing day by day.

The English Premier League, the world’s most popular professional football league, has shown interest in Lee Kang-in. Aston Villa, Newcastle, West Ham, and Burnley showed interest, but Spain’s prestigious Atletico Madrid and Son Heung-min’s team Tottenham were added.

As Lee Kang-in plays, he is showing more and more improvement in his skills, so by the end of this season, the number of clubs that want Lee Kang-in may increase.

As such, European powerhouses want Lee Kang-in, but there is room for a stumbling block in the transfer process.

In order for Lee Kang-in to be transferred as a sports agent and continue his career as an active professional soccer player and perform alternative service, he needs a gold medal at the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September or a medal at the Paris Olympics in July next year. The Paris Olympics will end on August 10, just before the opening of the league, but the Asian Games will be held in September after major European leagues begin.

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