Suwon Samsung has appointed coach Kim Byung-soo as the 8th command tower. His contract period is until the end of December 2024. <Sports Chosun Exclusive Report on the 3rd>

On the 4th, Suwon said, ‘The club decided on a football philosophy based on its own playing style, team communication, and ability to respond to matches as the conditions for the next manager to overcome the crisis of desperation. Director Kim was decided as the right person to overcome the crisis. Director Kim has presented the most active will and detailed details in analyzing the current team’s problems and presenting solutions.’

‘Traditional Myeongga’ Suwon stands on the edge of a cliff. In the opening 10 games of’Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023’, it is at the bottom with 2 draws and 8 losses (2 points). On the 17th of last month, he threw a game that sacked coach Lee Byeong-geun. However, the situation in Suwon did not improve. It is known that Suwon appointed manager Kim after reviewing multiple candidates.

Coach Kim was in the limelight as a ‘genius midfielder’ during his playing days. A chronic injury caught up with him. He built a reputation as a leader after his retirement. During his time as coach at Yeungnam University, he won numerous championships and was recognized for his leadership by fostering a number of K-League top players. After taking charge of Gangwon FC, he dominated the game and created a so-called ‘Byeongsu Ball’ wind.

The club expects that coach Kim will quickly renew the squad even in a tight time frame and put the team on the right track. The coaching staff change will be announced after fully accepting the director’s wishes.” 크크크벳

Coach Kim said, “I had a lot of thoughts after receiving the club’s proposal. It’s a big challenge for me. It’s a difficult situation, but if the supporters, the players, and the front desk put their hearts together and do their best, Suwon will be able to become special again. With courage and sincerity, I will do it,” he said.

Coach Kim will observe the away match against Incheon United on the 5th. Training starts on the 7th. On the 10th, he will make his Suwon command tower debut in a home game against Jeonbuk Hyundai.

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