No applicants for salary adjustments appeared in this Stove League either.

On the 10th, KBO officially announced that “applications for salary arbitration for 2023 have been closed, and no players have applied.” As a result, not a single player has applied for an annual salary adjustment for two consecutive years following last year.

There 바카라사이트 are a total of 98 cases in the history of applying for annual salary adjustment, and 21 cases that went to the adjustment committee. Among them, only two cases have been won by the player. Ryu Ji-hyun in 2002 and Sovereignty (KT Wiz) in 2021 won the Coordination Committee. In the case of Sovereignty, it was the first player to apply for an annual salary adjustment after 9 years since Lee Dae-hyung in 2012.

No club has yet announced the completion of negotiations, but there was no application for salary arbitration until the 10th, the application deadline. The pace of salary negotiations for the 10 clubs this year, which is the first season of the salary cap, is rather slow. Any subsequent salary negotiation issues must be resolved by the players and clubs without mediation by the KBO.

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