Jeju United (hereafter referred to as Jeju) is accelerating the attraction of spectators with effective and appropriate ‘target marketing’ for every game. The new guest Jeju is waiting for is a ‘college student’.

Gusts from Jeju are strong. Jeju, which fell to the bottom with 2 draws and 3 losses until the 5th round, rose to 3rd place in the league with 7 wins, 3 draws, 4 losses and 24 points. Although the 6-game winning streak, the club’s record for most consecutive victories, was unfortunately broken with a 1-1 draw in the Seoul expedition on Saturday, May 20, he proved his competitive performance no matter who he faced. The driving force behind the steep rise is the orange wave embroidered in ‘Windforce’ (Jeju World Cup Stadium).

In their six home matches this year, they averaged 7,001 spectators per game. Last season, the average number of spectators per game was 3,151, a huge increase of 122% compared to the previous year. In particular, a whopping 10,041 spectators gathered in Jeonbuk on April 23rd (Sunday). This is the highest number of spectators since counting paid spectators in 2018. This is an amazing figure considering that there were no admissions for 10,000 spectators after the policy of abolishing free tickets in 2017. It is encouraging because it is an achievement made in Jeju Island, where sports boom is not easy due to regional, environmental, and economic characteristics.

In particular, ‘target marketing’, which discovers potential customers and executes appropriate promotional programs at the right timing, stood out. Visiting fans signing event, partnership with youth clubs in Jeju Island and holding soccer tournaments, dream tree official made with Jeju soccer dream trees, eco-friendly – community contribution – sports ESG campaign for sustainable growth, giving fans joy even in non-face-to-face Video content that earned the nickname of ‘watching tangerine tube’, active club appeal using celebrities and influencers, and invitations to large-scale group viewings through invitations to school trip groups, etc., drew enthusiastic responses by developing various publicity and target marketing.

The next target of Jeju is the college town. College students in their 20s have high potential purchasing power and cannot be overlooked in terms of securing future customers. As a result, Jeju is moving quickly in line with the festival season in the province’s college district. This time, Jeju approached in a friendly way first. On May 18th (Thursday), a fan signing event for the Jeju United team was held at the Halla Art Hall lobby of Jeju Halla University. In particular, current students and rookies Lim Jun-seop and Kwak Seung-min attended and shared special sympathy. On the same day, Joo-Hoon Song and Seong-Jin Jeon attended Jeju Tourism University’s Tammora Light Athletics Festival, drawing enthusiastic responses.

In the home game against Suwon on May 27th (Sat), we prepared to invite university students to various customized events. On the day of the match, the Jeju World Cup Stadium’s outdoor plaza will host the ‘Exhilarating from head to toe’ team play challenge for university students in Jeju Island. The events are the Heading Challenge (a challenge where 10 people sit and put a ball into a target through headers) and the Goal-in Challenge (a challenge where 5 people put their shoes into a target using both feet). Both challenges require at least two female students to participate. Various participation benefits are given, including 200,000 won for the Heading Challenge winner, 100,000 won for the Goal-in Challenge winner, and a ticket to a college student giveaway.

At the Jeju World Cup Stadium and Jeju United Clubhouse on the day of the match, ‘Choose a true strong heart!’ Student PK competitions are also held in Jeju-do. The winner is decided by the result of the shooting of 5 players from each team. The 2022/23 Rules of the Game of the International Football Council (IFAB) were applied. Teams are organized by department, and males and females can participate with a maximum of 8 and 10 students respectively. Participants will receive prize money of 500,000 won for the championship, 300,000 won for the runner-up, 300,000 won for cheering, and an entry ticket to a college student giveaway event. For both events, you can apply for participation by filling out the Naver form linked to the link in the announcement on the club’s homepage. 메이저사이트

What the two events have in common is that both male and female groups participate, which is another target marketing that can naturally induce group reservations as well as strengthening the bond among the fan base. Jeju, which has succeeded in attracting regular fans, plans to gain more momentum in attracting spectators with new ideas for attracting spectators and target marketing.

An official from Jeju said, “It is another task not only to carry out various activities that have been carried out beyond the existing activities so that many fans can find them, but also to keep fans coming to the stadium. We will spare no effort to create a game that you want to see again.”

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