Kim Tae-hun (31), a right-handed bullpen pitcher traded from Kiwoom to Samsung.

The 27th was a long day. “I went to the beauty salon in the morning and I got a call while I was getting my hair cut and shampooed.”

It was trade news. To Daegu, where I am nowhere. I was busy with the notice to join the new team right away. We arrived at Lions Park after 3pm. Samsung manager Park Jin-man and his new colleagues exchanged greetings without hesitation. Wearing a new uniform with the number 27 on it, he interviewed reporters and took pictures.

He was immediately registered with the first team and entered the bullpen standby.

Samsung head coach Park Jin-man explained, “I will start waiting from today. It can still be difficult psychologically. I will look at the situation and make a decision in the middle of the game. If there is a comfortable situation, I can pitch.”

Before the match, Kim Tae-hoon confidently said, “I’m in very good shape, even though I’m sick. Rather than an opportunity, I have to do better. I have to do better than I did when I was in Kiwoom. I’m confident that I’ll go out unconditionally and throw well whenever I am told to leave in any situation.”

But there was no ‘comfortable situation’. At the most tense moment, I climbed the mound at Lions Park. And he proved his words, “I can throw well anytime.”

Doosan attack in the top of the 9th inning, which succeeded in reversing 7-6 with Oh Jae-il’s full cap. Kim Tae-hoon, who was warming up with right-hander Lee Seung-hyun, who blocked the start of the 8th inning and secured a hold, took on the heavy duty of finishing. 크크크벳

First save of the season with the new team. It didn’t take long. 9 balls were enough.

Kim Tae-hoon, who turned Heo Gyeong-min into a left fielder’s floating ball with a forkball in 5 pitches, pinch hitter Song Seung-hwan had to throw a slider in 2 pitches, and Jo Su-haeng also threw a 146km two-seam, the highest speed of the day, in 2 pitches and caught it with a shortstop grounder. 1 inning perfect save.

Every time he turned one hit after another, Rapac’s third base crowd welcomed the new savior with loud applause and cheers.

After the game, Kim Tae-hoon said calmly, “The situation was burdensome, but I thought I had to stop it unconditionally because I was 1 point behind. I was in a situation where I couldn’t get a long hit, so I just focused on throwing when the ball floated at first, and threw it as (Kang) Min-ho signed.”

A new member of the Lions smiles, saying, “The day seems to have gone by too quickly. I want to go and sleep.” It was a long, hectic day, and the ending was happy. Samsung’s ending was also much happier.

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