Let’s admit, there’s something very addictive about those crunchy carrots and sweet and juicy apples. Hence, we can’t help but buy them in bulk every single time we visit the market. But, storing these perishable foods once you get them home can be a real challenge. We often find the fruits and the vegetables getting decayed before consumption. What do we do then? Of course, we throw them away, leading to food wastage. Today, people across the globe are much concerned about food waste. It is not only a waste of money, but also has massive effect on the planet.
How To Keep Fruits And Vegetables Fresh For Long:
Here, we got you a few simple strategies that can help you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables for a longer span of time. Alongside, it will help minimise food waste as well. Read on. 스포츠토토

Kitchen Tips: Here Are 5 Easy Hacks To Store Fruits And Vegetables:  

1. Plan And Buy

While we understand that fresh produce looks super addictive; but it is always better to plan well, before buying fruits and vegetables. This way, you will have enough food (not excess) in store for preparing daily meals.  

2. Clean And Dry 

We all wash fruits and vegetables after getting them from the store – it is one practice that we continue to follow religiously even post pandemic. What we must also remember is, dry them well before storing. Excess water on the fruits and vegetables may perish the ingredients sooner.  

3. Chop And Store

Especially for leafy greens, it is always advised to clean, dry, chop and then store in airtight containers. This helps lock the moisture, keeping them fresh for long. On the other hand, for herbs like curry leaves and coriander leaves, clean them and wrap well in muslin cloth before storing.

4. Clean In Vinegar

Fruits like berries and grapes should be washed in water and vinegar mix of 3:1 ratio. Leave them dry and then store in a container lined with kitchen paper. Here, do not air-tight the box; instead leave some space for the moisture to escape.  

5. Know Your Vegetables And Fruits

Always remember, storing your produce right extends their shelf life. While okra, carrot, orange, berries etc. perish if not stored in refrigerator, foods like potato, onion, garlic, banana, water melon and mangoes should always be kept outside.  

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