I acted as if I would sell it right away, but it wasn’t true.

The British media ‘Mirror’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that Barcelona revealed their true feelings about the transfer rumors between Franchi de Jong and Manchester United.

Manchester United strongly wanted Yong in the transfer window last summer. Barcelona also decided to sell De Jong. It is said that the agreement between the clubs has already been concluded. The transfer was canceled only because De Yong rejected the deal. De Jong strongly wants to stay at Barcelona.

At the time, Barcelona seemed to have made a lot of effort to sell De Jong to Manchester United. He pushed De Yong all kinds of unfavorable conditions, such as having already classified De Yong as out of power, having no choice but to cut his salary, or being unable to pay the remaining salary that was not paid during the corona pandemic. He said if you don’t like this, go to Manchester United.

Barcelona felt like they were ‘sincere’ in selling De Yong.

‘Barcelona was struggling financially,’ Mirror said. Funds had to be raised to reorganize the squad. De Yong was a significant asset that could be cashed in,’ he explained the background.

But De Yong’s stubbornness was too stubborn.

Mirror said: ‘De Jong wanted to stay at the Nou Camp. In the end, Barcelona said they would not sell it,’ he added.

Contrary to Barcelona’s bluff, De Jong played a big role as a starting pitcher.

The group’s leadership hinted, “We’re really lucky that we didn’t sell De Yong. De Jong is increasingly understanding what is being asked of him. The director values ​​De Yong very much.” 예스벳 토토

Manchester United manager Eric Tenhag coached De Jong during his time at Ajax. It is known that Tenhah still has not abandoned his attachment to De Yong.

De Yong dismissed rumors of a transfer again in a recent interview.

De Jong said: “I am happy now. I want to continue playing for Barcelona for a long time. I have always dreamed of playing for Barcelona. I want to be successful at Barcelona. I am comfortable now and I want to play more games. My mind has not changed. If we are together, we can develop further,” he said with strength.

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