Seohyun Kim (19), a special rookie of the Hanwha Eagles, was subject to self-discipline of being excluded from training due to an inappropriate SNS post.

On the 8th, the Hanwha club explained, “Kim Seo-hyun, who posted inappropriate posts such as disrespect for fans through social media, was excluded from group training for three days.” It is known that even a fine was imposed according to its own bylaws.

Kim Seo-hyun, a graduate of Seoul High School, is a special rookie who joined Hanwha after receiving the first overall nomination in the 2023 KBO Rookie Draft held last year. In particular, the potential he has is considerable, with a down payment of up to 500 million won, and the Hanwha club is also a pitcher with great expectations, pointing to the future of the team.

However, Seohyun Kim had a major accident before appearing on the stage of the first team. Recently, in the baseball-related community, there have been articles spreading gossip about the coach and complaints about the uniform number on SNS, which is presumed to be Kim Seo-hyun’s sub-account. In the end, the Hanwha club confirmed that Kim Seo-hyun’s sub-account was correct and even imposed its own punishment.

It is very disappointing from the point of view of the Hanwha club, which expects a lot from a top-notch rookie. This is because, due to the ban on participation in training for these three days, it is not possible to build a normal body, and even if you return to the team, you cannot avoid the awkward atmosphere.

While it is questionable whether he will be able to properly digest future training, this is an issue that can adversely affect the growth of the player. Above all, it can come as an even greater loss to the young Kim Seo-hyun, who is about to become an adult soon.

Hanwha coach Subero also expresses regret. Coach Subero said, “He wants to tell me that there is no player greater than the team. I hope that young Kim Seo-hyun will learn and realize something through this mistake.” 먹튀검증

The team atmosphere of the Hanwha club is bound to deteriorate. In the past, after the 2017 season, Hanwha’s former player, Kim Won-seok, posted an indiscriminate post on social media, which caused a great deal of measles.

And last season, captain Ha Joo-seok threw a helmet on the ground and committed a drunk driving accident, and this spring camp was greeted in the worst atmosphere. From the standpoint of Hanwha, who expects to be in last place, they are bowing their heads once more as the super rookie has an accident before even opening the lid.

Kim Seo-hyun is a pitcher who throws a fastball with a maximum speed of 157 km/h. In this spring camp, his fastball became a hot topic every day, and he was in the limelight with his one-two punch as a fireballer along with Moon Dong-ju, his one-year senior. However, due to his incorrect perspective, he put a fastball on the other side of his rosy future.

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