Gustavo (29-North Hyundai) won the fierce battle for Neymar’s (31-Paris Saint-Germain) jersey. Many Jeonbuk players wanted to exchange jerseys with Neymar, but the honor went to his compatriot.

Gustavo played in the third match of the Coupang Playoff Series against Paris Saint-Germain (France) at 5 p.m. on March 3 at the Busan Asiad Stadium. Although he lost 0-3, he had the rare experience of playing against a world-class player.

After the game, Gustavo posted a photo on his social media accounts of him swapping jerseys with Neymar. Gustavo and Neymar smiled and posed for a photo with their exchanged jerseys.

Speaking to reporters at the Mix Zone after the game, Gustavo said, “I met Neymar before the game and we had a chat. We wished each other good luck and hoped for the best,” he said, adding, “We exchanged jerseys and took pictures. “We exchanged jerseys and took pictures, which is a rare opportunity. 메이저놀이터

Jeonbuk players were eager to swap jerseys with the global star. At the pre-match press conference, Hong Jeong-ho (33) shared that Moon Sun-min (31) wanted to swap jerseys with Neymar. “There was a lot of competition,” Gustavo said. All the players wanted Neymar’s jersey, and thankfully, I got it,” he said with satisfaction.

Neymar wasn’t the only Paris Saint-Germain player Gustavo met. He also met with Marquinhos, 29, the Paris Saint-Germain captain and a key defender for the Brazilian national team. “I took a picture with Marquinhos yesterday. It was nice to have this opportunity,” he smiles.

“In addition to the league, we have the FA Cup and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL). I will give my best and focus on each match. The ultimate goal is to win the remaining competitions,” he concluded.

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