Gen.G “God Dead” Sung-shin Kim, who suffered his first loss of the season to DRX, said he needed to improve his communication skills.

Gen.G lost to DRX 1-2 (7-13 13-10 4-13) in the 5th week of the Pacific 2023 regular league of the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) held at the Sangam Coliseum in Mapo-gu, Seoul on the 22nd. They became 4-1, giving DRX (5-0) the sole lead.

The walls of DRX, considered the strongest in the Pacific region, were solid and high. Kim Seong-shin, who responded to the interview after the game, said, “I think the team members, including me, were too nervous.” At the same time, he said, “I was more conscious of the other person’s skills than necessary. In a losing situation, the team members became less talkative, and there was a communication problem, so we lost.” 스포츠토토

Gen.G dropped 10 rounds to his opponent at the beginning of the first set. Kim Sung-shin regretted that he was beaten by the opponent’s flexible play over the first set, which had been dragged around by DRX. He said, “I tried to hit the counter with the play I expected, but I was reversed. He didn’t think of another twist on his opponent,” he said.

DRX picked Gen.G as their toughest opponent, but it was revealed today that there is still a clear skill gap between the two teams. Sungshin Kim diagnosed himself that Gen.G needs to improve his communication skills. He said, “DRX is a team that has been developing teamwork for three years. On the other hand, Gen.G is a team that has been around for about a month now,” he explained, “I am satisfied with this achievement in a short period of time, but the sum does not fit perfectly yet.”

The harmony of old and new is Gen.G’s immediate task. Kim Seong-shin said, “Gen.G is a mix of rookies and veterans.” “Knowing how to win and the ability to shoot are fundamental. From now on, we must focus only on improving our communication skills.”

Lastly, Kim Sung-shin said, “I want to make it clear through an interview that the nickname ‘God Dead’ does not have any connotation of demeaning religion.” He said, “I originally wrote the nickname ‘Dead’. I just put ‘God’ in front of it because I wanted to become the god of this game,” he explained, “it has no religious meaning.”

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