The pitcher’s greed for restraint seems to have no end.

Kim Jae-woong, who finished the Kiwoom Heroes, revealed his greed for increased redemption.

Kim Jae-woong is a bullpen pitcher who emerged last year. He played as a setup man, recording 27 holds and running first in holds, then switched positions to finish and made 13 saves. And this season, he started with a built-in finish from the beginning of the season.

The arrests are higher than last year. Kim Jae-woong is not very fast, but he overwhelms batters because of his good rotation. However, his desire for speed is natural for a pitcher. “Last year, the average speed was about 140, 141 km, but in this two-game series, the average speed was 143 km, so I was satisfied.” did. When asked how high he wanted to raise the restraint, he laughed and said, “I want to raise it endlessly.” 메이저사이트

He has no save yet, but he is doing 100% of his mission. In the opening game against the Hanwha Eagles on the 1st, when the score was tied 2-2, the first inning was blocked with no hits and no runs in the top of the 9th inning. In turn, they returned to strikeouts. Kiwoom won by ending the ninth inning, and Kim Jae-woong reported the first win before the save.

Also weight control. Kim Jae-woong, who increased his weight by increasing the amount of food to make up for his lack of stamina toward the end of last season, came out slim this year. Kim Jae-woong, who said he reduced his weight by 9kg compared to last year’s maximum weight, plans to manage it during the season. “I saw Luchinski at the All-Star game last year, and I was impressed to see that he packed nuts separately and ate them on time,” he said.

Thanks to Kim Jae-woong, who had a good start, it is Kiwoom that starts without worrying about the back door.

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