Grow with uS, GS’ GS Sports professional soccer team FC Seoul (hereafter referred to as FC Seoul) has signed an official partnership with Hurom Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jae-won) for the 2023 season. This partnership is to inform the public of the importance of health and provide joy to the public who like soccer and support FC Seoul, and the two companies plan to carry out various marketing activities in the future.

To commemorate this agreement, during the halftime of the home game, the ‘H310’ juicer presentation event will be held through the electronic signboard ladder ride. The ‘H310’ concentrator is a representative model of Hurom Co., Ltd., which has been reduced in weight and size by more than half while maintaining its functionality as a concentrator with improved practicality so that it can be used by single to multi-person households without any burden. 메이저사이트

In addition, we plan to create online content that promotes the importance of health with FC Seoul players, and provide a pleasant experience by hosting premium SKY BOX invitation events and player escort events for Hurom customers.

Meanwhile, FC Seoul’s next home game opponent will be Ulsan Hyundai on March 12th (Sun) at 14:00 at Seoul World Cup Stadium. Reservations for matches will be available from 18:00 on March 7 (Tue) through FC Seoul’s official website and official application.

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