Kim Jong-woo (30) was confident.
Pohang Steelers sent midfielder Shin Jin-ho to Incheon United in this transfer window. In this process, it was urgent to recruit a replacement, but Kim Ki-dong and Pohang’s choice was Kim Jong-woo. Director Kim said, “Jong-woo is very good at technical things. It’s a style of unraveling the game through de-pressure, but it will take time to adapt to the team. (Park) Seung-wook and (Shin) Kwang-hun are up in the midfield to provide defensive cover.”

Kim Jong-woo appeared at the media camp held at the KAL Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 6th. As the transfer was suddenly decided, he belatedly joined Hanoi, Vietnam, the first battery training center in Pohang, and began to adapt. He said, “I had a conversation with Pohang two years ago. There was no hesitation in choosing,” he said. “The atmosphere itself is comfortable. He is preparing what to do by watching Pohang’s matches last season. In a big way, it’s my favorite football. I think I can do well if the director trusts me.” 메이저사이트

Kim Jong-woo is, in effect, Shin Jin-ho’s replacement. Shin Jin-ho was the captain of Pohang last season and a midfielder who played an MVP-level performance. Kim Jong-woo said, “It would be a lie if I said there was no burden,” but “It is also my role to erase (burden). There are things I can do better than Jinho hyung. I’m not too worried now I want to become the ‘King of Pohang’. I want to become a player who comes to mind when thinking of Pohang like Jinho-hyung, (Kim) Seung-dae-hyung and (Son) Jun-ho-hyung last season.”

He inherited Shin Jin-ho’s uniform number and coach Kim’s uniform number 6 during his active career. “I wanted to play number 10, but I joined so late that there were only a few numbers left,” explained Kim Jong-woo, “At first, I didn’t know the meaning of number 6. I received number 6 through a meeting with the coach. I will do well with the thought that I will stay (in Pohang) for a long time. Technically, I don’t think anyone is behind. He also has himself,” he stressed. He said, “I am confident that if I play a lot, the attack point will naturally follow. I want to participate in many games, and I will devote myself to kick practice in order to be a set-piece kicker.”

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