Napoli are trying to retain the star players who lead Italy’s Serie A lead. Kim Min-jae is difficult to catch due to the buyout clause, but Hvica Kvarachhelia is a different story.

Napoli signed Georgian national winger Kvarachhelia for just 10 million euros (approximately 13.9 billion won) this season. He was a player who played with Hwang In-beom (now Olympiacos) in Rubinkazan, Russia, and was able to recruit him at a bargain price through his hometown club Dinamo Batumi amidst the chaotic political situation. Kvarach Helia has established himself as the league’s top attacking resource in his first season in Serie A, making a big contribution to Napoli’s lead.

‘’ reported that Napoli are seeking a contract extension for Kvarazhelia along with a salary increase. The original contract period is until 2027, but it is extended by only one year to 2028, so there is no big difference in the period. However, if you raise your salary right before you become a big star, you can delay the time when dissatisfaction erupts.

The current annual salary is known to be 1. 온라인카지노 1 million euros after tax (about 1.5 billion won). It should be taken into account after tax, but there is not much difference compared to the K-League’s top-notch annual salary, which is about 1.7 billion won. It is known that Napoli will offer a contract with 3 million euros (approximately 4.2 billion won) and various bonuses paid.

Napoli will be at a disadvantage if the contract renewal is not finalized before more love calls pour in. Currently, it is known that the world’s best clubs, such as Manchester City, Liverpool and Real Madrid, are aiming for Kvarachhelia. It is a speed battle for Napoli.

Unlike Kvaratsuhelia, Kim Min-jae is known to have a buyout (a contract clause in which the club must allow the transfer when the amount is presented) that will be triggered in the upcoming summer transfer market. In order to hold on to it, it is not a simple renewal of the contract, but an attempt to delete the buyout clause or raise the amount must be parallel.

Along with the two players, striker Victor Osimen, who is emerging as a star of Naples, is also receiving attention from big European clubs such as Manchester United. Napoli is calculating how many players they can keep from the league’s strongest team, how many players they will send out, and how much they should raise the salaries of the rest of the players with that income.

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