“I’m contemplating whether to go in winter or summer.”

It was Jo Kyu-sung’s smile. Cho Kyu-seong appeared at the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held at the Jeonbuk Clubhouse in Bongdong-eup, Wanju-gun, Jeonbuk on the 12th. Cho Kyu-sung is the top star of the 2022 Qatar World Cup. In the first match against Uruguay, his good looks became known to the world, and in the second match against Ghana, he scored multiple goals in the first match of the World Cup finals in Korean football, making his outstanding abilities known to the world. The interest in Cho Kyu-sung was explosive. SNS followers, which were less than 30,000, are now approaching 3 million.

European clubs also lined up. Scotland’s Celtic and Germany’s Mainz want Cho Kyu-sung. It is reported that Celtic proposed a 50% cell-on along with a transfer fee of 3 million euros (about 4 billion won) to Cho Kyu-sung’s team, Jeonbuk. Sell-on refers to a clause in which a certain amount (rate) of the transfer fee that occurs when re-transferring is handed over to the previous team. In the case of Cho Kyu-seong, the cell-on rate is 50%, but this is a condition that Jeonbuk can receive up to 6 million euros (about 8 billion won) no matter what the transfer fee is. Mainz also announced that it had set an amount close to 3 million euros. Minnesota of Major League Soccer in the U.S. also wants it. It is known that 30% of the transfer fee was added to the transfer fee of 5 million euros (approximately 6.7 billion won), the largest among the three teams.

Cho Kyu-seong said, “I always think that I will do my best in the given position. I have not decided whether to play in the K-League or overseas. I feel comfortable. I will do my best in the given position. I have read many articles. I have heard nothing concrete. I only heard that they were negotiating. I’m still thinking about specific plans, whether to go in January or summer, how to adapt and do well. I’m talking with director Park Ji-sung, director Kim Sang-shik, and my agent. I’m thinking about which way to go. in the middle,” he said.

Finish = Reporter Park Chan-joon vanbasten@sportschosun.com

– What is your aspiration for this season?

▶ 2022 was a very meaningful year for me. In 2023, I was thinking about what resolutions and aspirations to make, but I think every year, I think this year will be better than last year. We will make this year better than last year.

-The current status of entering Europe.

▶ I always think that I will do my best in the given position. I haven’t decided whether to play in the K-League or overseas. I am thinking comfortably. I will do my best in the given position. I saw a lot of articles coming out. I’ve heard nothing concrete. I only heard that they were negotiating. I am still thinking about specific plans, whether I should go in January or summer, how I should adapt and do well. I am talking with director Park Ji-sung, director Kim Sang-shik, and my agent. I am struggling with which way to go.

-What advice did director Park Ji-sung give you?

▶Director Park Ji-sung respects my choice. Thank you for talking in that way. It was difficult because many players went out in the winter, but he told me that it would be nice to prepare better and go out together in the summer.

– How is your body right now?

▶ Because I have a dream, I was busy attending many broadcasts and media, but I continued to exercise. I did it once in 2 days. He is checking his physical condition with other national team players. He is in a condition where he needs to see more exercise.

-Have you ever been contacted by the manager of Mainz?

▶ I am communicating with an agent. Received through an agent.

-How do you feel about transfer?

▶ Any player will want to go out immediately when a good opportunity comes. If you don’t go out in winter, there may be no offers in summer, the ransom may drop, and your body may deteriorate. I’m thinking about how to do it most effectively.

-Your Instagram followers have increased a lot.

▶I don’t care.

-What is the advice you received from a player from Jeonbuk who has experience in Europe?

▶ Everyone thinks differently. I’ve talked with Hong Jeong-ho, Dong-jun Lee, Seung-ho Baek, and Jin-soo Kim. Some say it’s better to leave now, while others say it’s better to leave later. Everyone is different, so in the end, I think I have to choose. I think it will be too swayed.

-Criteria for selection.

▶ Everything is under consideration. What is their physical condition right now, if we go right into the winter, those players will be preparing right away, they are in a state of resting and now they are lifting, and they have to hit 100%, but how competitive they will be, that’s what I’m worried about. Europe thinks it is calm, so I am wondering how long I can wait. I’m thinking about everything

– You had a lot of experiences after the World Cup.

▶ The photo shoot was fun. I haven’t played many other parts besides soccer, but I think it’s an experience that I can’t do now. So I thought let’s enjoy it. It was fun and I thought that I should meet good people and play soccer hard.

– How do you see the ransom going up?

▶ The transfer fee is not important either. Regardless of whether I received the transfer fee or not, I can measure how much they want me. So it’s important. The higher I climb, the more I feel that I have to work harder and prepare.

– Do you have a favorite league?

▶ What I’ve been thinking about for a long time is that if I’m a player, I set the final goal and go. All players will want to go to the EPL, and in order to go to that stage, I think it’s right to go to a stage where they can play any stage and grow.

-Is there any advice Lee Jae-seong gave you?

▶I didn’t specifically say that I could play, but I have been in contact with Jaeseong hyung a lot. She also talks to Jae-sung and Lee Hyung in a soft way. He’s directly at Mainz, 온라인카지노 so he’s telling the club how much he wants it and how much he wants it. I’m so grateful that it’s possible because it’s a re-formation.

-What did you talk about with director Kim Sang-shik?

▶The director also had similar thoughts with director Park Ji-sung. The director also said that if I wanted it, he would respect my choice. I also thank the director. I don’t think it will be easy to do that.

– At the point of decision.

▶ I think it should be done as soon as possible. If you decide to go and prepare for the season here, you need time to prepare again, so if you are here, you have to prepare well and do it here. I think it’s best to do it as quickly as possible.

-Thoughts about the incident in room 2701, and thoughts about personal trainers.

▶I didn’t see the entrance door. Personal trainers are good. Rather than saying that a player has a side, and that a player needs a body because it is their life, in my personal opinion, having at least one person who knows my body best would be helpful no matter where I am. I think I need people who know me and can communicate with me, and who do that.

– I’m preparing to appoint a national team coach.

▶ I think they all have the same thoughts and feelings. Many people doubted Bento’s philosophy, but he showed it with good results. I don’t know if he will be selected for the national team again or not, but it would be nice if he had that kind of philosophy and his own style was firm. It’s an honor to work with such a coach, it’s fun to get to know his style, and I think it’d be better to work with a firm coach whether or not he’s selected in the future.

-What do you want to improve on?

▶Too many. As for what I can do well, I think I need to further develop my aerial competition and ball possession skills, as I showed at the World Cup. This is my strong point, so I have to think carefully and consider the coach and team who want it.

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