Son Heung-min (31, Tottenham), the first Asian player to score 100 goals in the English Premier League (EPL), promised to take a step forward. In an interview with the British media Evening Standard on the 10th (Korean time), “I am not a perfect player yet. He can develop further,” he promised.

It’s a particularly difficult season. Last season, he was the top EPL scorer (23 goals), but the scoring pace in the 2022-2023 season is low. In the midst of this, the league’s 7th goal was a sweet rain amidst the drought. In the home game against Brighton at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 9th, Son Heung-min completed his 100th EPL goal with a fantastic right-footed kick, leading the team to a 2-1 victory.

A shot of a beautiful trajectory plugged in your favorite area, in your favorite way. A local relay broadcaster also praised it as “the most Son Heung-min-like goal.” In fact, this kind of scene came out often until the 2021-2022 season. It was as if the opponent’s goal net would shake if he touched the ball with his foot. Son Heung-min also said, “Last season was really fantastic. Becoming the top scorer was a magical moment that gave me tremendous confidence.”

However, a terrible goal drought came under pressure beyond imagination. Son Heung-min said, “When the new season started, people expected another performance, saying, ‘Sonny (Son Heung-min’s nickname) is the top scorer. But it was not an easy matter. As he got a lot of attention, the pressure increased,” he confessed.

However, Son Heung-min calmly accepted the situation. He said, “You can find many excuses, but I couldn’t just say, ‘That’s not what it really is.’ I don’t want to make excuses for not reaching the highest level.” 먹튀검증

His 100th EPL goal made his heart feel better, but Son Heung-min’s season was not over. It is a competition for tickets to the UEFA Champions League, which has become Tottenham’s only goal. In the EPL, 1st to 4th place can challenge the ‘dream stage’, but Tottenham is currently 5th with 53 points. The gap with 3rd place Newcastle and 4th place Manchester United (above 56 points) is not large, but it is a bit disadvantageous because they have played one more game. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities.

Son Heung-min said, “(against Brighton) 100 goals in the EPL is great, but winning 3 points was the most important thing.” “I want to play steadily and play better. I like to score goals, but I want to help the team in as many ways as possible.”

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