“The biggest goal is to prevent the words ‘not as good as before’ from coming out.”

I could feel the strong will in the voice of Kim Kon-guk (35), who made a new home for the KIA Tigers. It contained a determination to do my part on the professional stage after a difficult return. 바카라사이트

KIA announced the recruitment of Kim Kon-guk through a press release on the 11th. A KIA official explained the background of the recruitment, saying, “Kim Kon-guk and Kim Seung-hyun are resources that can be used as intermediate pitches and were recruited to strengthen depth.”

After being contacted by SpotTV News on the 11th, Kim Kun-guk expressed his feelings, saying, “It was difficult to wear a professional uniform again after a year.

Kim Kon-guk started his professional life after being nominated by the Doosan Bears with the 6th overall pick in the 2nd round of the 2006 KBO draft. After that, he went through KT Wiz and Lotte Giants and pitched in 88 games in his career.

2019-2020, when he played for Lotte, was the heyday of Kim Kon-guk. He started in the 2019 season and went back and forth between the bullpen and started 37 games, recording an average ERA of 4.46 in 3 holds and 66⅔ innings, and an average ERA of 3.98 in 32 games in 32 games the following year. However, he was removed from the reserve list after the 2021 season.

Last year, Kim Kun-guk did not have a team, but he did his best to step on the professional stage again. He sweated in the baseball lessons and showed off his health by participating in the 2022 try-against baseball competition. Kim Geon-guk, who was working hard to advance to the professional level, was sincere. KIA, which positively evaluated the possibility of a comeback, reached out and was notified of passing after the joining test.

Kim Geon-guk said, “I met the head scout and heard about the acceptance. There were difficult processes, so I was momentarily speechless. There are so many people I am grateful for (who helped me join the KIA). I met a lot of good people. I am grateful that such coincidences have become destiny.”

A typical example is Noh Kyung-eun (39, SSG Landers). Like Kim Kon-guk, Noh Kyung-eun also experienced sadness at times. After the 2018 season, he dreamed of re-challenging as a professional without a team for a year because he could not sign a free agent contract. Afterwards, he joined hands with SSG, and contributed greatly to the team’s overall victory by recording 12 wins, 7 holds and 1 save in 41 games last year.

Noh Kyung-eun left the team, but he knew better than anyone else the sadness of being released and the desire to try again, so he spared no advice for his juniors. Even when the team was busy preparing for the postseason, Kim Geon-guk gave us the courage to try again.

Kim Geon-guk said, “After the decision was made, I called (Roh) Kyung-eun hyung right away. I said thank you so much, but thanks to Kyung-eun hyung making a good case, 바카라사이트 I thought of taking on the challenge again. I hope players can dream a little more and take on challenges.”

Lastly, Kim Konkuk made up his mind to help the team. “I want to play in as many games as possible with good performance rather than specific goals such as holds and saves. I am grateful to Captain Jun and the Scout Team Leader,” he said, reaffirming his determination.

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