Nam Seung-hyeon, 60-year-old Kukkiwon demonstration leader, succeeded in challenging the Guinness World Association’s oldest aerial breaking record. Today is the 60th birthday of the southern leader.

Nam, who is in charge of the Kukkiwon Demonstration Team leader, succeeded in the oldest aerial break at the Kukkiwon Central Training Center on April 24 in the presence of World Guinness Association superintendent Alisio Zhao. The aerial breaking height is 3m10. 

The challenge, which took place with about 100 people watching with bated breath, flew up into the air without a leapfrog and smashed an apple on the tip of a sharp knife, followed by a pine board in the air. This record is the first challenged record by the World Guinness Association, and the leader of the group Nam became the protagonist of the first record.

Dandan Nam, who graduated from the Department of Taekwondo at Yongin University, is famous as a Taekwondoist who constantly studies and practices after receiving a doctorate in physical education from Gangneung University. He is a Taekwondo 9th dan who does not neglect training every day. In particular, he was also a strong player who won three consecutive overall breaking championships from 1999 to 2001. 

Lee Han-kyung, president of the Korean Society of Physical Education, who gave a congratulatory speech on the day, said, “The leader of the South is a person who never fails to manage his physical strength, rain or shine. I am an athlete,” he said.

It was two or three years ago that the team leader decided to challenge the Guinness record. At the turning point of his life at the age of 60, he chose a new challenge while thinking about what kind of meaningful work he would do. 카지노 As a Taekwondo practitioner, I prepared for this challenge to be faithful to the basics and set an example for my juniors.  

Alisio Zhao, superintendent of the World Guinness Association, said, “This day’s breaking was not in the Guinness record, and today’s record was registered as the first record of the oldest aerial breaking by the World Guinness Association.”

Director Nam said, “Now that I am 60 years old, I thought that I should give back the benefits I received from the world.” 

Lee Dong-seop, head of the Kukkiwon, said, “Namdan’s steady training and efforts are more than a model for all Taekwondo practitioners.”

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