Head coach Lee Kang-cheol (KT Wiz), who leads the World Baseball Classic (WBC) Korean national baseball team, is focusing all his attention on Australia, the first opponent in the first round of the finals. Coach Lee, who believes in the skills of domestic pitchers, cited ‘hitting’ as the key to victory against Australia.

Coach Lee, who left for Australia with the coaching staff on the 5th, returned home on the 9th, four days after completing an analysis of Australian power. He watched the league in person in Australia, checked the skills of players who were likely to be on the national team, and worked hard to explore his strength, such as identifying the Australian baseball style.

Australia, the first opponent in the WBC finals, is an opponent Lee Kang-cheol-ho must catch. He has to take the first win after defeating Australia so that he can take the pressure off and face his archrival Japan in the second match. If he loses to Australia, he will have to play against Japan under great pressure.

So, first of all, coach Lee is focusing on the match against Australia rather than the match against Korea and Japan. Coach Lee, who watched a total of four games in Australia, said, “It is true that the level of the Australian league is lower than the KBO league, but it is not an easy team.” revealed

Knowing that Australia is playing Asian baseball is also an income from this business trip. Director Lee explained, “Australia bunts at first base safely and steals a lot. They use strategies often,” and explained, “But as we expected, they feel a little weak against slow changes or high fastballs.”

Coach Lee, who made a name for himself as a great pitcher during his active career and as a pitcher trainer even after becoming a leader, was selected as pitchers to compete in the WBC after careful consideration with the Technical Committee, including Kwang-Hyun Kim (SSG Landers), Hyeon-Jong Yang (KIA Tigers), Woo-Seok Ko, and Woo-Young Jung (Lee Sang-Hyun). LG Twins), Koh Young-pyo, and So-jun So (above KT Wiz) were selected.

Coach Lee, who plays an active role as a leader in the KBO league and clearly understands the characteristics and strengths and weaknesses of domestic pitchers, said, “The pitchers we have selected now are all capable players. We will focus on players in good condition.” This is the part where the confidence that the pitchers can gain an advantage enough to understand the weaknesses of the Australian hitters is read. 메이저놀이터

Director Lee’s eyes are on the batting. The idea is that the shortcut to victory is to have the other line attack the Australian mound to score points and bring the flow while the pitchers block the Australian batting line.

Director Lee emphasized, “It is important to hit the conclusion. If you think it is a fight with a difference of 2 or 3 points, scoring more than 3 points is the most important thing.”

In order for Korea to do well in the WBC, Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom), who won five gold medals in batting last season, Park Byeong-ho (KT) and Choi Jeong (SSG), who can hit one at bat, and Kim Ha-seong (San Diego) Padres), Oh Ji-hwan (LG), and Park Hae-min (Samsung Lions) need even performances.

Meanwhile, the Korean national team will convene in Arizona, USA on February 14th. After about two weeks of field training, the national team, which will enter Korea, will depart for Japan on March 4, where the competition will be held, digest training and practice matches, and play the first match against Australia on March 9.

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