“It’s over 8 seconds.”

At the referee’s automatic strikeout call, the batter had no choice but to laugh with an absurd expression. The American media expressed concern that it might rather halve the fun of baseball, introducing it as ‘the game that realized the power of the pitch clock the most’.

The scene in question came from an exhibition game between the Boston Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves in the ‘2023 Major League Baseball’ held at Cool Today Park in Venice, Florida, USA on the 26th (Korean time). At the bottom of the 9th inning, 6-6, with two outs and bases loaded, Atlanta’s Carl Conley was at bat. The ball count is 3-2 full count. It was a situation where the win or loss could be decided with one ball.

The moment when Boston pitcher Robert Chiakowski was about to pitch. The referee made an automatic strikeout call. Batter Conley did not stand at bat for eight seconds. The Major League Secretariat introduced a ‘pitch clock’ to shorten the game time from this year, and the pitcher must throw the ball within 15 seconds if there is no runner and 20 seconds if there is a runner, and an automatic ball is declared if it is violated. If the batter does not stand at bat within 8 seconds, an automatic strike is awarded.

Conley saw the referee’s call and thought he was in the same on-base situation as Balk, but soon realized the game was over and laughed with an absurd expression. Pitcher Chiakovsky also stopped pitching and looked puzzled for a moment. The referee soon turned to the Atlanta bench and explained the situation, and the game was over. 온라인카지노

Jeff Passan, a reporter for the US sports media ‘ESPN’, said, “It was a dream scenario in the bottom of the 9th inning, with runners loaded and a full count in a tie situation. , the game ended just like that. This is the new reality.”

After the game, Atlanta coach Brian Snicker expressed his discomfort, saying, “I don’t think the pitch clock rule was created with the intention of ending the game this way.”

Reporter David O’Brien of another American sports media, ‘The Athletic’, conveyed Coach Sneaker’s comments and said, “Welcome to the major leagues in 2023.”

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