Michael Muller, chairman of the Korea Football Association (KFA) Power Reinforcement Committee, shared with domestic leaders the global soccer trend that appeared at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Chairman Muller attended the 2023 KFA Leaders Conference held at the YMCA Goyang International Youth Cultural Center in Goyang City on the 15th and reported the results of the KFA Technical Study Group (TSG) activities.

“The Football Association’s mission is to develop for success, achieve success and sustain it,” he said. , personality, and the mentality that encompasses it all.”

First of all, Chairman Mueller said of the formation, “When talking about tactics, people always think that position is an important factor, but in my view, it is just a combination of numbers.” 원벳원 토토

He presented a table showing the positions used by the teams participating in the Qatar World Cup, saying, “Many teams change their formation from game to game or during the game. 75% of teams changed their basic formation. Flexible movement is on the rise.” explained.

Chairman Müller, who emphasized organized attacks, said, “As the level of central defense increased, attacking teams sought other solutions, and crosses on the side in an open situation became the answer.”

In fact, in the table he presented, 89 of the total 172 goals in the Qatar World Cup came from organized attacks. This is more than 30 goals compared to 57 at the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Chairman Müller also said, “In this World Cup, 92% of goals came from inside the penalty box.” “When attacking, you have to think about how to enter the final third. Rather than simply playing a long ball, focus on creating an attack step by step. do,” he said.

The most impressive teams at the Qatar World Cup were Argentina, the champion, and Morocco, the first team in Africa to advance to the semifinals.

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