On the 8th (Korean time), MLB.com, the official homepage of the Major League Baseball (MLB), released the club power rankings and selected the Mets as the club with the ‘biggest drop’. MLB.com said, “I had a brutal week, losing two of three games with the Colorado Rockies following last week’s sweep against the Detroit Tigers. The ranking dropped the most from 8th to 15th, down 7 places.”

The Mets only recorded 3 wins (7 losses) in their last 10 games, and tied for 2nd place in the East Division of the National League with 17 wins and 18 losses in the season. The first place Atlanta Braves (24-11) and the ride took place up to 7 games. MLB.com pointed out, ‘The Queens club (Mets), who started the season with aspirations for the World Series, is having a hard time as Max Scherzer struggled after returning from suspension and the offense was sluggish.’ 먹튀검증

The Mets opened their wallets hotly last winter. Thanks to the active will of owner Steve Cohen, Justin Verlander (2 years, 86.7 million dollars, 114.6 billion won) Senga Kodai (5 years, 75 million dollars, 99.1 billion won) Jose Quintana (2 years, 26 million dollars, 34.4 billion won) Adam Octavino (2 years) It spent nearly 500 million dollars (660.8 billion won) while recruiting 14.5 million dollars (19.2 billion won) and others. Although the signing of Carlos Correa (Minnesota Twins) ended in an incident, it was spotlighted as an investment that will remain in history. However, the return on investment is negligible. The team is staggering as the sluggishness and injuries of key players overlap.

Meanwhile, the team that raised the rankings the most was the Boston Red Sox. Boston has moved up 14 spots from 20th to 6th after winning 6 of last week’s 7 games. The first place in the power ranking was the Tampa Bay Rays, and the second and third places were the Atlanta and Baltimore Orioles. The Toronto Blue Jays ranked fourth, and the Los Angeles Dodgers ranked fifth. In addition, the Texas Rangers (#7), the Milwaukee Brewers (#8), the Houston Astros (#9), and the Minnesota Twins (#10) were selected as the top 10.

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